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Margarita cocktail: a recipe.

Cocktails - a constant attribute of almost any holiday from home get-togethers with friends to a sumptuous buffet.Alcoholic and non-alcoholic - their diversity allows everyone to find an option according to your own taste and to cook most of them do not require skills bartender.The most famous - Margarita, which has several variations.

Margarita: composition and proportions of the classic recipe

Margarita cocktail: a recipe

None cocktail is not overgrown with so many legends of his appearance as margarita.The most common version is considered known in secular circles Margarita Seyms, after which in 1948 and named it served on a party drink.A reference bartenders margarita appeared more than 60 years ago and during this time has found many admirers.According to the general classification, the cocktail belongs to a category established on the basis of tequila, which is shaded by citrus flavor and aroma.

As part of the classic margarita ingredient is present in all three: in addition to the already mentioned tequila lime is

needed, from which squeezed juice and triple sec liqueur that has orange flavor.And special attention should be paid to the main component: tequila.Species in this alcoholic beverage has 5: blanco, joven, reposado, anejo, extraanejo.To examine the characteristics of each of them requires a lot of time, so it is enough to understand the characteristics of the one that goes to the preparation of Margarita.

This tequila Blanco, that is not seasoned, packaged immediately after distillation.It belongs to a class premium and has a well-known name "Silver tequila" for its crystal clarity and purity of flavor and aroma of the blue agave.The percentage of alcohol for the tequila - 38-40%, its rare variations can be as high as 50%: they should mark «extrasuaveblanco».It is also worth knowing that this tequila can be bottled only in Mexico: Any other "point of production" indicate counterfeiting product.

traditional relationship between tequila, liquor and juice is considered to be 7: 4: 3 - that such a formula is documented International Bartenders Association.However, not all the classic margarita prepare it for this recipe.A more widely used ratio of 2: 1: 2, 2: 1: 1 and 3: 2: 1.For those who like mild taste, you can try to mix all the ingredients in equal proportions.It will take an extra bitterness of tequila, bringing a leading position citrus notes.And for fans of the blue agave flavor can increase the share of tequila, based on a scheme of 3: 1: 1.

Vsheyker is poured on crushed ice, the amount of which is not regulated, but its volume is considered to be the best 150 g, is added thereto, the remaining liquid ingredients.All components are intensely agitated, after which the drink must be filtered through a strainer to keep the ice in a shaker and pour into pre-chilled cocktail glass and ornaments.

strawberry margarita cocktail: a recipe

Margarita cocktail: a recipe

spread among girls got sweeter variation of margaritas, which is replaced with lime sour strawberry.In addition it is necessary to make changes in the part that is dedicated to liquor to orange flavor does not conflict with strawberry.In addition, several modified ratio of all components, and rims cocktail glasses decorated with salt is not: only sugar.

addition, it should be noted that strawberry margarita does not require filtration after mixing the ingredients in a shaker: crushed ice enters into the glass where the beverage continues to cool.For this reason, this version of the famous cocktail is considered ideal for a hot summer day, but not too much is shown in such a time because of the high percentage of alcohol.

Tequila Strawberry Margarita in the formulation used is the same as the traditional recipe: silver Blanco.Triple sec liqueur (or "Cointreau") supplemented with strawberry liqueur and lime juice is used instead of lemon juice.And one must have fresh strawberries.The proportions are also no clear regulations, but particularly popular this scheme: tequila, orange and strawberry liqueur, lemon juice in a ratio of 3: 2: 1: 2.

Vsheyker thrown and strawberries in the number of 4-5 pieces.(Depending on their size).The volume of crushed ice also varies within the limits of 120-150 To decorate glass Strawberry Margarita, the edges dipped in pomegranate or cherry juice, and then finely ground sugar.Connoisseurs of acidity can replace these juices svezhevyzhatyylimonny.

Recipe Margarita Blue

Margarita cocktail: a recipe

Every girl knows that an alcoholic drink a priori can not be safe for the figure because of its caloric sometimes outweighs the energy value of chocolate and so on. "Harmful" products.However, at times and in the most strict mode, you can pamper yourself, but to opt for the easiest option.Perhaps this guided by the creators of the blue margarita recipe: a cocktail of taste as the traditional option, but much more low-calorie.In addition, it has a very mild taste, which hardly felt tequila and drink a mysterious blue tint gives a visual freshness.

components from blue margaritas and 3: In addition to the silver tequila into a shaker pouring liquor "Blue Curacao" and fresh lemon juice.Joining them in the recommended ratio of 2: 1: 2.If you want to get even more pronounced sweet taste, can be replaced by fresh sorbet: lemon tartness lost, but it will be easy to taste.Crushed ice in a shaker is not filtered, as in strawberry Margarita.He was transferred to a glass decorated with a slice of lime and sugar.The salt is not recommended, because the drink turns sour, and salty note is discordant with basic taste.

Margarita: Photo and recommendations

Margarita cocktail: a recipe

  • Contrary to popular belief that in the formulation of cocktails it is better not to change the components as if the original combination there is nothing quite Margarita loyal to any manifestations of fantasy.On its variations discussed above, the range of this cocktail does not end there: only a permanent replacement of fruit ingredient is possible to obtain new highlights in your favorite beverage.
  • professionals emphasize that use ready-made juice is undesirable: in margarita should get only fresh, with no unnecessary additives in the form of sugar, dyes, etc.Also used in the preparation of liqueur 2 margaritas are: triple sec or Cointreau.In taste as a party man in the street will not notice a difference in them, so often the selection is made by studying the percentage of alcohol in each: triple sec figure is 40%, making it sturdy enough cocktail, Cointreau is easier - just 25%.
  • Like other cocktails, margaritas demanding its design: because it will learn not only the taste, but also in appearance.A glass of cocktail on the average height of the leg is an appropriate name - Margaret, and recalls a martini glass, but his mouth after the divergence of the sides strives upwards, hips more rounded.The amount of glass varies within 150-200 ml.Its edges, depending on the preferences of the person to whom cocktails, decorated with salt or sugar.For this purpose, they first dipped in lime juice, and then into a salt or sugar fine grinding.Also allowed clearance cocktail thin slice of fruit that was used in its preparation: lime, strawberries, melons, etc.Since
  • edge of the glass on the original recipe Margarita decorated salt and drink it serves without straw: salt should be mixed with the other components of cocktail to get a full taste of the traditional margarita.The same applies to sugar rim.
  • In some cases, decorating glasses anything other than fruit slices refuse.Instead, the back of the hand (the gap between thumb and forefinger) is necessary to lick, to put salt or sugar, lime fingers to take a fruit that is in the recipe.Salt or sugar lick, takes a sip of the cocktail, and then you need a bite to eat a slice of fruit.And even in this situation straw Margarita is not served.

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As once a lover of alcoholic mixes Seyms Margarita cocktail created in which men and women have fallen in love with the whole world, andYou randomly changing proportions and ingredients can get to this day unexplored variant of the beverage, which later will become your favorite.Do not be afraid to experiment - work always for the better!