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How to cook russules?

Syroezhko - quite common mushrooms.The species are many, and among them there are inedible.The lower on the cap mushroom red color and the more blue, yellow and green, the more it will be tastier.People for a long time to prepare russules different ways, but it is believed that they are all delicious salted.

As salt russules?

Syroezhko as butter mushrooms are some of the most common fungi.They grow in many places and unpretentious in this regard.They are perfectly dried and marinated, but best of all - their salt!

recipe for pickling syroezhek with blueberry sprig

How to cook russules?


  1. Mushrooms - 2 kg
  2. Garlic - 5 cloves
  3. salt - 1 tbsp
  4. Blueberries - a small sprig


  • Mushrooms put in a bowl and clean with a sharp knife and remove dirt and debris.
  • After cleaning russules should be thoroughly washed, to pass to others. Bowl and soak in cold water for 10 minutes.Then the water should be drained and russules shift into the pan.
  • top of mushrooms should be put PEELED and halved gar
    lic cloves, add the salt and the broken twig blueberries.
  • After all these steps, cover the pan and leave for 12 hours.
  • After this time, the fungi need to add the onion and vegetable oil.All - russules ready!

recipe for pickling syroezhek with cherry leaves

Recipe salting syroezhek with cherry leaves


  1. Syroezhko - 2 kg
  2. Black pepper peas - 6 pieces.
  3. cherry leaves - 6 pieces.
  4. salt - 3 tablespoons


  • mushrooms washed, cleaned and put in a saucepan, cover them with salt, add the cherry leaves and peppercorns.Stir, cover.
  • After 2 hours, the mushrooms should be placed under a press and leave in a cool place for a week.
  • appetizer, made by this recipe, it turns out very tasty!

recipe for pickling syroezhek currant leaves

Recipe salting syroezhek currant leaves


  1. Mushrooms - 2 kg
  2. currant leaves - 10 pcs.
  3. Garlic - 5 cloves
  4. Horseradish - 1 sheet
  5. salt - 3 tablespoons


  • Mushrooms clean, wash, to shift into a saucepan, cover with salt, add the horseradish leaf, currant leaves and peeled cloves of garlic, squeeze all the plates and put under the press.
  • should regularly monitor the upper layer - it should be completely covered with brine, drying should not be allowed.
  • Every 2 days in the mushrooms must be added the solution of salt and water.Doing so will be within 40 days.
  • After this time, the mushrooms should shift of glass jars, cover and store in a cool cellar.
  • Before serving, mushrooms, cooked according to this recipe, you should wash, sprinkle with onion and pour the vegetable oil.

How to fry russules: ways

Recipe salting syroezhek currant leaves

Syroezhko begin to appear in June, but experienced mushroom pickers advise you not collect them until August.Because of the name might seem that these mushrooms can be eaten raw, but it is not so!They are suitable for virtually any heat treatment, including frying.By the way, thus preparing them in several ways.

Method 1. Clean the mushrooms, wash and separate the cap from the legs.Hats placed in salted water for 10 minutes, then get, to pass on to a colander to glass to them all the liquid.This is followed to make any batter with flour, dip to the mushroom caps and place on a hot pan, cook them necessary, until they are flushed.

with legs must be done all the same.After roasting, the mushrooms need to shift into the pan, pour the batter remains of the fire and cook until ready.Serve this dish can be as a side dish or snack.

Method 2: Clear 1 onion and 2 cloves of garlic, all minced and fry until softened butter.300 g syroezhek thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and cut into strips, and then put to the onions and garlic and pour in to the same 1 tbsp.l.lemon juice and spices.Mix everything and cook over high heat until cooked.These mushrooms can be served with meat, rice, potatoes or pasta.

Method 3: There is no need to be Stipe.Hats should be separated, washed and cleaned, and then pass on a towel, and after all the liquid is drained, they should be salt and leave for some time.At this time, you can prepare the batter.To do this, the egg yolk and mix 100 g of flour, milk was gradually infusing.Batter should not get thick, but does not become liquid.After the milk in it is necessary to pour the spices and herbs.In a separate container, you should use the mixer to whip the protein and then gradually introduce it into the batter.Now, every mushroom hat is necessary to dip in batter and fry in the hot oil until tender.

In addition to these methods, russula can be fried with onions, potatoes, stew in sour cream.And no less delicious baked mushrooms are obtained.

russules How to cook?

Recipe salting syroezhek currant leaves

Many housewives are wondering - how and how much you need to cook these mushrooms as russules?In general, to cook them, you first need to remove the bitterness from the fungi, which is inherent in them, for that before cooking, soak them.After that fungi need to sort and select only for cooking healthy and strong, and then wash them well under running water.

Now it's time to shift russules in clean water and put on fire.Once the water boils, mushrooms should be cooked for another half hour, with salt them and adding spices.The foam, which will be formed during cooking, it is necessary to shoot.After the mushrooms cook, they need to discard in a colander and ready to be served!Usually, from syroezhek not cook soup, because their bitterness can spoil the broth.But in spite of this there is a recipe soup Syroezhko, the taste of which repealed and no bitterness is not felt!

syroezhek Soup: Recipe

Syroezhek Soup: Recipe


  1. Syroezhko - 250 g
  2. Onions - 1 pc.
  3. Potatoes - 3 pieces.
  4. Carrots - 1 pc.
  5. bay leaf - 2 pcs.
  6. black pepper - to taste
  7. Dill dry - 1 tbsp
  8. Butter - 2 tbsp
  9. Water - 1 liter


  • Mushrooms Wash and finely chop.
  • Pour into a pot of water and boil it.In boiling water should be deleted mushrooms and peeled and sliced ​​potatoes, then add the peppercorns and bay leaf.
  • finely chopped onion and fry in butter and grated carrots for 5 minutes.
  • After roasting, the vegetables need to shift to the mushrooms and add the dill.
  • Boil all this should be about 10 minutes and everything - soup is ready!

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Syroezhko - excellent mushrooms are particularly good as they are salted!But they obtained no less delicious fried, boiled and baked dishes.Some housewives believe that russules not suitable for soup, but it is not so.If you select a suitable recipe, then the first of these fungi will turn fragrant and light.

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