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How to pickle mushrooms?

mushroom lovers are always in season stocking saffron milk caps and chanterelles collected himself.But then the question arises often save the product for a long time with what copes not only freeze, but salting.This method allows you to instantly "preserve" all nutrients, but also makes it possible to obtain a ready-to-eat product, becoming a great snack or addition to a number of dishes.

Home Preservation has several common algorithms, but does not imply any set of rules to follow relentlessly.Depending on your taste preference and will vary list that is laid in the tank with fungi and the number of these components.And even to say exactly how many days to pickle mushrooms, no one can: Here again, you need to decide what kind of source product you wish to receive.

However, experienced hostess emit as much as 3 methods, each of which can have up to 10 variations in their technology.It is a fast pickling, so-called rapid, cold and hot pickling.

How to pickle mushrooms?

rapid salting method is suitable for those who want t

o try the same day, the finished product, instead of waiting until it reaches the desired condition.The disadvantage of this method, of course, that it is not focused on subsequent storage.Pickled mushrooms in this way should be eaten within 2-3 days, during which they will hold in the refrigerator.But it is ideal if guests are expected, and you want to surprise them with salted mushrooms.2-3 hours prosolyatsya and mushrooms will be ready for serving.

To do this, collect a small amount of mushrooms, preferably medium-sized.They are carefully washed, cleaned and placed in a jar legs upward.Once the bottom is firmly nestled Ryzhikov, they need to pour salt, and then form a new layer which also overlaps with salt.Its amount depends on your tastes: classic recipe involves thin white coating, which will be laid on the new layer of mushrooms.They should be left until the dark brine, then hold for another 1 hour in a cold place, and savory ready to eat mushrooms.

Here you need to note that this rapid method is only suitable for pickling mushrooms as others. Fungi require mandatory cooking.Ryzhikov also quite carefully soak in water and kept them in her 0.5-1 hours, rinse under running water to remove debris from the plate.Some recipes even offer pour mushrooms with salt, cover with their press and hold 30-40 minutes.After this period, the mushrooms give juice and will be suitable for submission to the table.But in this case it needs young and small mushrooms.Approximate calculation of salt per 1 kg of product - 30-35 g

salted mushrooms How hot?

How to pickle mushrooms?

Hot salting - the most common method of harvesting mushrooms for the winter.The attraction of this method is that the size of selected mushrooms for him is not necessary.In addition, due to the heat treatment reduces the waiting period, which is given to the full impregnation of mushrooms with salt and brine selection.But still it requires large cap cut into 2-3 parts, in order to facilitate their packaging in the total capacity.

  • Mushrooms should be washed without soaking in water as in the fast method to pass through the flow stream and put it in the pan.There also is filled with water in an amount such that it completely blocked the mushroom caps.It must be brought to a boil, and over the next 2-3 minutes to allow maximum simmer flames.During this time the skimmer must constantly shoot emerging foam, and the 5th minute scalded discard mushrooms in a colander.
  • As soon as they have cooled to room temperature, it is required to prepare the container for salting and begin to lay the pieces of mushroom in her legs down, separating each layer of a thin suction of salt and spices, you can pick up on your taste.The classic recipe for 40 grams of salt accounts for 2 crushed cloves of garlic, a sprig of dill torn, currant leaves and 2 bay leaves.If desired, you can put here a few peas black pepper and freshly ground horseradish: it will give a taste of spice, making pickled mushrooms in this way a great addition to meat or boiled potatoes.The volume of each component are given for a standard quantity of mushrooms in 1 kg.
  • We should also mention the oppression that is imposed on a container of saffron milk caps: it's best to cover it with gauze or cotton cloth and place on top of the plate, which is gently pressed into prosalivaemuyu mass.Therefore, a plate or the like. Flat round object is selected so that it is flush with the diameter of the turned inner diameter of the container neck for pickling.Any weight put on top do not need: their own weight plates will be enough, otherwise there is a risk to begin to displace liquid from mushrooms protruding outward.

How to pickle mushrooms Cold?

How to pickle mushrooms?

Cold pickling is not too affects the taste of the final product, but for most of the mistresses he is attractive because there is no heat treatment step fungi.According to the assurances of experts, any impact on the product boiling water destroys the bulk of its beneficial properties, so the temperature inside is not desirable for almost any product.But due to the fact that the technology is different from that used in the hot pickling require more time to wait.

In addition, the amount of salt per 1 kg of mushrooms depends on the conditions in which is stored a container of saffron milk caps.If you keep them in a cool place (2-5 degrees, but no sign "minus"), a standard sufficient volume of 40 grams, but if stored in a room where the temperature is 16-20 degrees, it is necessary to increase the number doubled - up to 80-100 g.

Salting mushrooms cold way the algorithm is similar to the action of pickling express method.Mushrooms should be flushed and cleaned, remove the lower part of their legs folded in a suitable container, sprinkling each layer with salt.Optionally, you can add favorite spices, for example, leaves currants, black pepper, and onion rings.On top of the mushrooms necessarily imposed oppression, and wait 4-5 hours. The weight settles a bit, and it can put even 1-2 layers of fresh mushrooms, do not forget to cover the capacity of the yoke again.

How many days to pickle mushrooms?

How to pickle mushrooms?

term that salting spend on these fungi, depending on the characteristics of the product taken in the work and the method of its preparation.As already mentioned, rapid methods allow 2-4 hours to obtain a ready meal and cold or hot may need to wait for 3-5 weeks.At the same time than the larger mushrooms you choose, the longer they will prosalivatsya therefore recommended to give preference to young and small versions.

also important to know that the food is 2 kinds of mushrooms data: spruce and upland.The small size of the spruce are specific representatives of the family, as well as the bright orange flesh is brown shade drooping edges of the cap and very short legs.These mushrooms are ideal for cold pickling, while the pine forest can be sent to the hot pickling, where equally well have time to prepare the mushrooms of all sizes and ages.

Thus, one can not forget that salted mushrooms should be completely covered with brine during storage.If the liquid from the mushrooms speaking during salting is not sufficient, you should pour boiling hot water.

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Salting mushrooms, like other mushrooms, is carried out in enamel, glass or wooden utensils: Do not place them in a metal or plastic.The rest, as you can see, the algorithm salting mushrooms at home is the simplest of all home preservation schemes.