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Juice: reviews.

Use fresh juices for children and adults is undeniable, and their taste is much nicer than in the packet, whose composition raises many questions.But ever ordered in the cafeteria or in the supermarket to buy fresh juices - is expensive, so in order to provide themselves with them at home, you should buy a juicer.Only with the high range of home appliances to choose the perfect mate is not easy.

Citrus: how to choose?

Juice: reviews

To determine the specific model of juicer, initially you need to decide what kind of juice you want to drink.For fresh juices of citrus there are special versions of the kitchen appliances which do not have a centrifuge.The main burden falls on the polygonal ribbed cone, which is implanted half of orange or lemon.Then the device is started, and through the spout in the substituted glass juice flows.And for the rest of fruits and vegetables already have to buy quite a large model with a centrifuge, called centrifugal.Before you pay attention to them, it is worth a few words to say abo

ut Citrus.

  1. Firstly, they differ in terms of the tank, which is going to juice.You can not say which figure is better because this issue solved individually: someone enough minimum of 0.4 liters to make a morning cup fresh, and someone on the whole family must be 1 - 2 liters.However, it should be noted that the citrus juice is not conserved, so it every time squeeze again, and take a greater volume of the tank with the expectation of long-term storage is not necessary.
  2. Secondly, we must not forget about the power of the device.Standard range is 20-80 W, and this figure will depend on the speed at which turn the juicer large halves favorite citrus flavored drink.Instances with a capacity of more than 100 W for pressing citrus fruits in the market of kitchen equipment is not represented.
  3. Third, the device can have a lot of additional features, which are necessary degree relative.For example, the filter on the spout through which the juice is served: with the help of the bulk of the pulp remains inside the juicer.But if you like orange juice with pulp, you can consider options with multiple attachments to the main tube: they are often governed by the size of the holes in the mantle filter.

Also noteworthy is the reverse rotation mode, resulting in output of fruit juice all possible.Additionally, a juicer can be supplied by different nozzle sizes: large grapefruit and for the smaller ones - for lemon or tangerine;holders of citrus, measuring cups.Depending on the nuances of all these additional cost citrus press will range from 700 rubles.5-6 ths. rub.

Universal Juicer: what better reviews?

Juice: reviews

Juice: reviews

Still, most people prefer to have the kitchen universal device, not purchased separately juicer for apples for oranges separately, and, separately, for example, for small berries.This saves money and is more convenient to use.However, to choose from a range of versatile centrifugal devices is much more difficult than a set of models for citrus.

main element in a juicer - separator: it falls the task of separating the product into different fractions.Today it is represented by two types: cylindrical considered the most effective, since squeezes out any product to 90% of the contained juice, but it does not take the flesh and the remnants of the fruit or vegetable, so they have to be removed from the appliance yourself.Conical separator squeezes juice worse - a pipe coming out of only 50% juice, but all unnecessary self-discharged into an approved container.The choice between the types of separators each doing their own: there is no sense to focus on other people's reviews.

But on the next item of kitchen equipment to consult with anyone is not superfluous: it is a centrifuge.Manufacturers are willing to put high speed of rotation, trying to overtake each other, but in practice it turns out that the difference between the 14 th. / Min and 20 th. / Min does not exist, and even celebrated it for the worse.There is enough in the corridor 5-10 thousand. / Min, and the lower the score, the more pure juice is obtained: the maximum number of pulp, paradoxically, it falls into the glass at high speeds.Best of all, when the device has several modes of speed, since each of fruits and vegetables, depending on the density of its pulp involves different conditions for its processing.

centrifuges have played a role, and its mesh material: the safest and most comfortable in the stainless steel is recognized, however, a number of producers it replaces the thin and durable plastic.In addition, it is important to check the number and size of holes: The more, the better the final product.As to the power of the device, it is in the corridor 200-1200 watts, but in addition it is necessary to study the work of automatic juicers to break.On most models have this option, since the purpose of saving the engine from overheating, they stop working on their own after a certain period of time.The higher the power of the appliance, the less this time.

And, of course, grade juicer strongly affects its value and functionality: it can present the item, remove excess foam at squeezing some fruit, measuring cups, and even risks to the vessel, which initially leaves juice.Also, before buying should view updates from the manufacturer.On some models of centrifuges given on what products they are focused, and from what just will not squeeze out the juice.Failure to do so can result in damage to the unit.

Pricing Policy for centrifugal juicers is much higher: lower limit of 1,5-2 thousand. Rub., And the top can be 23-25 ​​thousand. Rub.And, judging by the reviews of consumers, the cost of the device on its quality does not always have an impact.In particular, MoulinexJU32013E, the price of which today is in the range of 3-4 thousand. Rub.consumers rated much higher than other expensive models.For 3 years of using the quality of her work is not adversely affected, according to user comments, although spin out not economical due to the fact that the separator it tapered.Of the more expensive specimens demand is PhillipsHR1871: it costs 8-10 thousand. Rub., The device is compact, almost entirely made of metal, oil cake leaves very dry due to the conical separator foam is restrained.

auger juicer: consumer reviews

Juice: reviews

auger juicer stand apart from other species because of their principle of operation is very different from the centrifugal and those that are focused on citrus.It is almost the only model that copes even with pomegranate seeds, so that for most people is the most versatile.The algorithm of its action resembles that present in a meat grinder.Helical axis in rotation conveys a soft substance to a nearby bay, where everything is laid out on a grid, and through it by the pressure pressed juice.

slow rotation of the spiral, so the product is not heated, and the device itself does not vibrate during operation.Spin average - about 70% of the liquid from the product gets into your glass, so the auger juicers are quite popular.A model in a high price range are often almost full-fledged food processor, perform and function as the grinder.

However, there are some nuances that consumers have noted in their comments on the auger juicer, because of which the majority continues to use centrifugal models.

  • Anna: The dishwasher parts auger juicer can not be cleaned, so it is only we have to be cleaned manually.But compared with the old juicer, this is much more compact and takes up less space on the countertop.
  • Eugene: When buying auger juicer, do not think that any fruit with some difficulty: the apples she stubbornly turns into a puree, apple juice so we do not drink.
  • Juliana: I love my juicer (OurssonJM80002) for cost-effective electricity consumption and quiet operation when the baby sleeps, even want to do everything quietly.The only thing that all of the products it is necessary to finely chop: a very small mouth.

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assortment of juicers on the market of kitchen equipment is amazing and confuses the unprepared buyer.However, having familiarized with the above tips, you will be able to make the right choice and enjoy the delicious and healthy fresh juice at home.The main thing - clearly specify the purpose for which you acquire the device.

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