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Strawberry Jam: a recipe.

Strawberry jam - delicious treat.Cooking it is quite simple, but to obtain the necessary dessert to follow certain guidelines.In a jam, you can add thickeners in plain gelatin or pectin.Some embodiments of the workpiece based on boiled fresh juice from apples, which significantly adds to them good.

Use strawberry jam and directions for its preparation

in strawberries is determined by the high content of antioxidants that slow the aging process, various minerals and vitamins.They have a lot of Vitamin C, flavonoids, organic acids, and potassium.If every day to eat fresh strawberries or canned berries can avoid cancer and a host of others. Dangerous diseases defer the aging of the nervous system and brain.

Important recommendations for the preparation of jams and preserves from strawberries.

necessary to find the right utensils for cooking delicacies.If use of the capacity of copper and aluminum in the finished product may fall harmful substances.From such dishes is better to refuse.The best option

for the preparation of jams and preserves will pan or basin of stainless steel alloy.

also suitable enameled capacity, the main check carefully to see if the large enamel cracks and chipped areas.The alloy, which is under the enamel can contain harmful to humans compounds that through these cracks during the cooking process can be caught in a jam.Stir jam or marmalade desirable wooden spatula or spoon.

to the finished product was maintained for a long time to properly prepare the bath.First of all, they need to be very well washed with hot water with ordinary soap.Then, the container must be sterilized.There are several methods of sterilization.

It is important to wash the fruit well under running water.Strawberries should be as free of sand, soil and other. Debris.The bad and rotten berries need to sort and throw away.

Save jam in the long term will help sterilization.The finished product is dispensed into sterilized jars and covered with lids.Then put in a pot filled with pre-warmed to 70 degrees water.Wait until the temperature rises to 95 degrees, it should not boil.Pasteurize capacity of 0.5 liters of 15 minutes and 1 L of 25 min.The pan with the lid should be covered and the water must cover the jars, but be lower than the neck of 3 cm.

For jam in its classic form, you must add the pectin and citric acid, which will keep the beautiful color of the product and reduce its cloying.

strawberry jam: a recipe with photo

Strawberry Jam: a recipe with a photo


  1. strawberries without stalks - 2 kg
  2. fresh juice of sour-sweet apple varieties -1,5 2Art.
  3. sugar - 1 kg
  4. pectin zhelfiksa or konfityurki - 2 bags


  • cleaned strawberries with remote peduncles pour boiling water and leave for 20-30 minutes.Then chop the strawberries, it can be done with a fork, grinder or blender.
  • Puree berries add up in a bowl that you have chosen for cooking jam.Put pectin or konfityurku, mix well and put on a moderate fire.It is necessary to frequently stir the sauce, so it does not burn during cooking.
  • When everything comes to a boil, pour the juice from the apples and sprinkle sugar.All mix thoroughly again.From the moment of boiling jam we will need to cook for about 7-10 minutes.
  • Banks prepare: wash and sterilize.Ready Pour the hot jam into jars and cover with metal lids.
  • If you want to sterilize the jars, but it is not a required step in the preparation of jam.

How to make jam from strawberries to gelatin ?

How to make jam from strawberries to gelatin?


strawberries - 2 kg

  1. Sugar - 2 kg
  2. gelatin (agar-agar) - 2 hours. L.
  3. Juice of 1 lemon


  • First of all, you should carefully go through berries.To choose the jam is very ripe and sweet, suitable even overripe and damaged.Then you need a good wash strawberries.This is best done under cool running water.After washing, remove the stalks and stalk.
  • necessary to weigh the fruit, it is very important to determine the exact amount of sugar for jam.The recommended ratio for this recipe 1: 1.To prepare for cooking can be cut larger berries and pour the sugar, as such products should be about one day.
  • cooking process is divided into 3 stages.Capacity with fruits and sugar, place over medium heat and wait until all boil, stir and boil for no more than 10 minutes.Remove the foam mixture and set aside for 5 hours, it should cool down during this time.
  • After that the berries need to beat blender and put back on the stove for cooking.When a boil, boil and about 10-15 minutes.Remove and re-leave hours 5.
  • agar or gelatin is added only 3 stage cooking.Gelatin is prepared in a standard way.And Agar must be diluted in 1 tablespoon.pure water.
  • prepared agar or gelatin, pour into a jam almost finished, and immediately remove from heat.Mix everything very well and cooled for 1 hour.
  • Banks wash and sterilize, the cover too.Jem need to pour into containers and cover, if desired, may be pasteurized.
  • fully harden the product only when the temperature drops to room temperature.

strawberry jam in Multivarki: simple recipe

How to make jam from strawberries to gelatin?


  1. strawberries - 1 kg
  2. Pectin - 1 package
  3. Sugar - sand - 200g


  • to loop berries, leave only the best, without rot and mold.Remove the stems from the stalk and rinse thoroughly in several waters or in running water to the maximum purity.
  • average and very small strawberries can be left whole, but large is necessary to cut into several pieces.
  • Put the prepared berries in a separate metal or plastic container and sprinkle top evenly pectin.Stir gently crush the berries are not desirable.
  • prepare the masses is now put in a bowl Multivarki.Set the cooking "soup" and stir until until everything boils.Keep the lid open.
  • Cook after boiling jam no more than 5 minutes, and then pour sugar.Stir again, cook until boiling.
  • foam must be removed periodically and do not close the lid Multivarki.After boiling cooking duration should be about 10 minutes.
  • Turn multivarku and leave the finished product at 10-20 minutes, so it is slightly cool, then put the jam in a jar and cover with a tight lid, roll up.Bank to put on the lid and turn it upside until completely cooled.

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cooking is tasty and healthy treats like strawberry jam is very simple and fast.To save time, do it in one step, jam turns out no worse than those made in 3 or more stages.Pectin and gelatin gives the product a soft and cook it allows less time, thereby preserving all the benefits of the berries.

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