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Foie Gras: What is it?

There just names in the culinary world, no idea.For example, what is the "foie gras", know not all, but most of this dish is associated with something overseas, expensive and exquisite.Is it really?Can I cook zagadochnoefuagrav home, without the help of the chef.What kinds of food have come?Foiegras phrase in Russian language rather quickly became a word and its meaning was confused partly because the translation from the French, from which it came, it means "fatty liver."Initially, the phrase had to do with goose or duck liver.Birds deliberately fattened well before the goal, and to cut, turning them into a nourishing liver cold snacks.

But outside France traditional recipe quickly modified and fuagrastalo dish, which is based on the liver of any bird, until the chicken, turkey, etc.Classical cooking fuagrapredpolagaet its supply as a separate dish, or use as a component of others. Hot dishes.Alcoholic drinks fuagraobychno accompanied by champagne or other dessert wine.

their historical homeland fuag

raimeet several varieties.The one-piece variant can not have more than 2 pieces of different instances of the liver, and the spices added to it, liqueur and table wines, grape vodka.Classic fuagrasochetaet a number of different liver, resulting in the cut of the product demonstrates its marble texture.

Dlyablokfuagravse pieces of livers emulsified, so consistency becomes more homogeneous both in appearance and to the touch.Also in the dish can be only 50% fuagraili more to him maintained this title, and can be diluted with goose fat.By the way, the association of food with privileged segments of the population are not random.At a cost of foie gras, the more increase in volume due to the forced feeding birds are much more expensive than chicken, and the like.

Foie Gras: What is it?

Separately should focus on the preparation technology fuagrarazlichnyh species.The most common and accessible to the consumer is preserved, obtained by treating the product to high temperature (100 degrees) in a closed container.This allows you to keep the liver in the long usable, or further cooked.However, the need to keep it in a cool place, for example, a storage room.

Half prigotovlennoefuagraimeet creamy texture, so that does not lose its properties and taste only when stored in a cool place.To obtain such a product is sterilized and the liver is packaged in a glass or ceramic container.A is the most traditional fuagrasyroe, available on the market only.This product is not stored, but most dishes require formulation as the main ingredient is a raw foie gras is not passed preservation or sterilization.

How to cook foie gras on a traditional recipe?

classic recipe processing goose pechenifuagra includes besides the main component only 3 ingredients: white wine, pepper and salt.If desired, they can complement your favorite spices.1 kg of liver accounted for 50 ml of white table wine and a pinch of any seasoning.

Preparing goose liver through its washing and soaking in cold water for a day.Therefore fuagraobychno preparation begins with the evening.After 8-10 hours, it is necessary to cut into fairly large pieces, which are rubbed with pepper and salt, as well as any others. Spices and placed in a bowl filled with white wine.Marinated in alcohol liver will be another 2-3 hours.

next stage has several variations.If you want to get a traditional foie gras, the ceramic container taken out of the marinade pieces filled tightly by slightly pressing, and to the neck of the pot you need to leave some empty space where air circulation will occur.If you plan to block foie gras marinated liver mince twice, and then the resulting mass is also removed in a ceramic container.

in heated 100 degree oven should be placed a cup of water to create steam effect on the lower grille to put a container with fuagrai prepare a dish for 30-40 minutes.The fat that provide the liver is required to merge into a separate bowl: they will then be ready foie gras watered when cooled to the required temperature.Furthermore, such impregnation is a natural conservation fuagra for allowing it to store up to 7 days in the refrigerator.

Christmas foie gras with foie gras and truffle: a recipe

on Christmas table in France fuagra- mandatory element crowning the whole composition.But it is already preparing differently than in traditional recipes: foie gras is served diluted duck or goose fat, lard and even pork tenderloin.Nevertheless, most gras should remain around 55%.

Foie Gras: What is it?


  1. Goose liver - 800g Milk
  2. White mushrooms - 1-2 pieces.
  3. Duck liver - 300g
  4. Cognac - 120 ml
  5. Pork fillet - 300g
  6. Spices - to taste


  • liver want to soak in milk for 4-5 hours, then get rid of the filmset al. of garbage, including the biliary tract.Upon request from it and cut off all the fat.
  • then prepares mushrooms, which replaced the original recipe truffles.On the specified amount of goose liver accounted 1-2 fungus that need to be cut and put into the liver.
  • The next step is marinating the liver in cognac, and at this time, it should prepare your other components.Pork tenderloin is ground in a meat grinder, after having lost films and bones, duck liver goes there too.
  • Stuffing must pass twice through a meat grinder, then connect it with salt, pepper, nutmeg and marinade from the foie gras.
  • now want to find a circular shape that can be placed in the oven, and its floor and walls lined with a mixture of minced meat with spices and marinades.0.25 of its total volume should be left to the subsequent "closing" dishes.
  • In the resulting "pot" minced marinated liver, and laid overlapping residues stuffing, whereby it is sealed in it.To when baking dish failed dryish, it spread 50 g fat duck.
  • fuagranuzhno capacity to put on the lower grill in the oven, and under it - a bowl of water to create a water bath.In such circumstances, Christmas fuagrabudet prepare 50 minutes at 150 degrees.
  • traditional recipe involves its further maturation for 2 days, but much more importantly, serves cold, cut into plates of 1-1.5 cm thick.

Recipe Chicken liver foie gras: preparation especially

Foie Gras: What is it?

Chicken liver, even with proper fattening, which is not produced in Russia, according to its fat goose beats.Therefore, in all foie gras recipes, which featured chicken liver, if necessary, added to the list of ingredients butter, which can increase the fat content of the product and the finished dish.And without foie gras it becomes easier and therefore attractive to those who follow the figure, or simply used to stick to a healthy and low-fat food.

Classical formulation involves soaking 1 kg chicken liver in cold water for 4 hours, then the product was again rinsed under running water and put into a free bowl.Liver is necessary to fill 500 g of dry red wine, add 1 tablespoon of the marinadesugar and a pinch of salt.If you wish, you can give up to 2-3 pea red pepper.Such mixtures impregnated chicken liver requires 12-18 hours, so it is advisable to carry out this procedure at night.

After promarinuetsya liver, it is necessary to prepare a white fungi in an amount of 200 g are cleaned and washed, and then laying a grinder, which is sent to the liver and cut into chunks.Milled products should be 2-3 times until they become uniform mass.Then they introduced 50 g butter, softened beforehand, and the entire mixture is laid out in a ceramic form.

Syroefuagrapressuetsya, container covered with a lid or foil delayed and sent in a preheated 190 degree oven.As is the case with traditional French recipe kurinoefuagragotovitsya water bath so placed in the oven and the water bowl.The total cooking time - 45 min.

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Fuagravsegda served chilled, and in some cases it is allowed to ripen in the cold for 36-48 hours. According to French tradition, fuagraupotreblyayut with table wine.In Europe, some modifications were introduced, and the constant companions of the dishes have become fruit, nuts and ginger, as well as fruit and wine sauce.