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Honey in Multivarki: recipes.

Taste of Honey cake is familiar to all from childhood.Even though his big calorie, hardly anyone will be able to resist the temptation to eat a slice of this delicacy.With the advent in the arsenal of many housewives household appliances such as multivarka, cooking favorite sweets greatly simplified.

Honey in Multivarki: biscuit recipe

Cake honey cake, cooked in this recipe Multivarki, it turns fragrant and light.In its structure, it will remind biscuit flavored honey.In addition, this ingredient give Korzh caramel color.To prepare this recipe for honey cake at Multivarki need in the "Bake" for the entire 1 hour.

Honey in Multivarki: biscuit recipe


  1. Honey - 300ml
  2. Eggs - 1 pc.
  3. Sugar - 2-3 tablespoons
  4. Flour - 0.5 kg
  5. Butter - 60 g
  6. baking powder - 1 package
  7. Strong black tea - 50 ml
  8. Nuts - to taste


  • Corolla beat the egg and sugar.
  • honey and butter melt can be microwaved.
  • melted butter with honey and tea add to the egg-sugar mixture and again all thoroughly whisk.
  • now into the mixture t
    o start gradually introduce the flour, which must be pre-sifted with baking powder to the test.
  • Suffering does not necessarily take 0.5 kg, it is necessary to be guided on the dough consistency.
  • After the right amount of flour was poured into the dough, it should be thoroughly mixed.
  • Multivarki turn and heat for 5 minutes.
  • While multivarka will be heated, nuts should be put on a napkin or paper towel and a rolling pin to stretch.And half of the crushed nuts must be put at the bottom Multivarki, then pour all the dough, and sprinkle it on top of the remaining nuts.
  • Now you close the lid, turn the previously mentioned mode "Baking" and wait 1 hour until the cake is ready!

Honey cake Multivarki: a simple recipe

many housewives sometimes do not want to bake a cake honey cake, because the case is not quite easy, and takes a long time.In a classic delicacy is 5, and even as much as 8 cakes, although they are baked quickly.But the process of preparing this cake is much accelerated, if the furnace Multivarki!Cakes baked there are more air and gentle, and the bowl of the device is great to give the required shape dessert!

cake honey cake with cream in Multivarki

Honey cake Multivarki: easy recipe


  1. Eggs - 3 pcs.
  2. Honey - 150 g
  3. Butter - 100 g
  4. Sugar - 100 g
  5. soda, slaked with vinegar - 1.5 tsp
  6. Flour - 350 g
  7. cream - from a bag or sour


  • Beat eggs until smooth, add to it sugar, honey and butter.
  • Multivarki In bowl pour a little water and set on it mode "Steaming".
  • pan with egg weight to put on the top and a couple of warm, until the mixture reaches a smooth consistency to achieve this result, faster weight must be periodically stirring.
  • Now, remove the pan from the steam, add hydrated soda and stir.
  • It's time for the meal: it is necessary to introduce gradually, stirring constantly batter.Resulting in it has a soft, sticky and viscous.
  • Bowl Multivarki well-oiled, pour it 1/6 of a dough and stretch a hand, giving the shape of a circle.
  • Each cake to be baked in the "Bake" for 4 minutes.
  • After the cake will darken, it is necessary to turn to the other. Side and bake until done.
  • After baking, the cake should be removed from the bowl and immediately cut its range by any suitable size for the cover of the pan.The remaining 5 from the remaining dough cakes are baked in the same way at the same time before you start each new cake baking, bowl should be lubricated with oil.
  • must now prepare the cream to your liking, and all the pieces obtained by cutting cakes to grind into crumbs.
  • Each cake fluff cream is necessary, putting them one on the other, we should not forget that the sides of the cake should also promazyvat cream!
  • dessert now have only received sprinkle crumbs and place in refrigerator for at least an hour for the impregnation.

How to cook honey cake Multivarki in Redmond?

Most multivarok Redmond company has built "Multipovar", and this makes them very easy to use.Multilayer honey cake in such Multivarki get very appetizing, and cook it does not take much!

How to cook honey cake Multivarki in Redmond?


  1. Butter - 20 g
  2. Salt - a pinch
  3. Soda - ½ tsp
  4. Sugar - 150 g
  5. Eggs - 1 pc.
  6. Honey - 1 tbsp
  7. Flour - 1-1,5 st.

the cream:

  1. Eggs - 1 pc.
  2. flour - 3 tablespoons
  3. Butter - 200 g
  4. Sugar - 100 g
  5. Milk - 600 ml Vanilla
  6. - ½ tsp


  • In a deep bowl, mix the sugar with the egg and then beat with a mixer.
  • to the egg and sugar add honey and a slice of butter, then put on low heat and cook, stirring constantly.Boil the mixture should be as long as the sugar and honey are dissolved.
  • After cooking, the mixture should be poured into a separate container and add the salt and baking soda, vinegar, quenched beforehand.
  • Then small pieces should enter into a mixture of flour and knead the dough, it should have elastic.After the dough is kneaded, it is necessary to wrap in plastic wrap and put for 1 hour in the refrigerator and then cut into 7 equal portions.
  • foil from the food should be made to fit the shape of the bowl Multivarki and put it on the bottom.
  • piece of dough roll it out and put it in the form of foil, then close the lid and set the Multivarki "Multipovar", select a temperature of 160 degrees and a time of 10 minutes.If this mode is not in the device, you can select "Hot" or "baking", and the heating time is set independently and monitor Korzh.
  • Finished cakes very easily separated from the foil, put them need each other.
  • After all cakes have been baked, you must prepare your cream.To this mix egg with sugar and flour in a container made of metal.
  • then this mixture should pour the milk and put on a slow fire, without ceasing to interfere with, the cream should be boiled until it thickens, and when that happens, it is necessary to melt the butter.
  • Ready cream is necessary to remove from the heat and put to cool.
  • first cake out onto a plate and coat with cream, put on top of it the next cake and do the same manipulation.Therefore, you must lubricate all cakes.
  • sides and top of cake must also abundant oil cream.

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Honey Cake can be prepared not only as a treat for tea, but also to decorate the holiday table.To do this, you can decorate the cream-colored patterns or figures from marzipan confectionery.In spite of the high caloric content of the cake, sometimes you can treat yourself and your loved ones a delicious dessert.

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