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Trout soup with cream

soup trout - nutritious, and a large amount of the cream gives it a delicate flavor.This soup is prepared in Finland, on holidays, so definitely try this recipe.

Composition soup Trout:

  1. 2,5-3 liters of water
  2. 300-400 g trout (fillets or soup set)
  3. Cream 10% - 200ml
  4. Potatoes - 2 pcs
  5. Onions- 1pc
  6. Carrots - 1pc
  7. Bay leaf - 1 pc
  8. black pepper, nutmeg, ground
  9. Salt Vegetable oil
  10. Greens

method soup Trout

  • Trout good wash incold water.If you take a fillet, cut it into cubes, and if the soup set - the place as it is.In a saucepan pour the water, when it boils, put trout and cook for 15 minutes.The fish we take out is separated from the bones.Potatoes cut into cubes and put in a fish broth, cook for 15 minutes.
  • Carrots cut curly circles, onions finely chop and fry in vegetable oil every 5-6 min., Try to fire was moderate.
  • In a saucepan, add the carrots and onion, bay leaf, black pepper, nutmeg, but you and other spices to taste.Salt the fish broth, put back the pieces of trout,
    pour the cream, boil the soup over low heat for about 5 minutes, it must boil.Pour the soup greens, cover and let it infuse for 10 minutes.Optionally, in a soup, you can add 1-2 fresh tomatoes and a little boiled rice.

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30 minutes you'll have a wonderful soup, which has a huge appetite and will eat you and your family.Many children a joy to eat this soup.Bon Appetit!

March 9, 2013 19:03
make soup for this recipe.Very, very delicious it!Thanks for the recipe!
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March 9, 2013 20:03
To your health!Cook with pleasure)))
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