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Salad of Chinese cabbage, corn and kiwi

Whatever salad of Chinese cabbage you have not prepared, it is always easy and will give you a fresh taste.Chinese cabbage - is so versatile ingredient that can be constantly experimenting in the kitchen. salad Chinese cabbage, corn and kiwi notorious for kiwi and corn give a mild delicate flavor of Chinese cabbage and lettuce will help to dilute the sweetness of green onion.

salad Ingredients:

  1. Chinese cabbage - 200 g
  2. Kiwi - 3 pieces
  3. Corn konservirovannaya- 1b.
  4. Chives - 1puchok
  5. Mayonnaise


Chinese cabbage wash, dry and cut into cubes.Kiwi my, clean and cut into medium-thick squares.Corn draining and mixed with kiwi and cabbage.Green onions finely crumble, add to the salad and dressed with mayonnaise.

This salad is best to eat immediately and it is not necessary to store it more than 1 hour.

Salad with Chinese cabbage are good by the fact that you can cook them all year round, they perfectly complement a festive table and are indispensable in the days of dieting


Bon appetit!

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