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Salad of Chinese cabbage, corn and celery

Chinese cabbage can be prepared as a variety of salads!And what would a salad of Chinese cabbage you go prepared, it is always easy and will give you a fresh taste.Chinese cabbage - is so versatile ingredient that can be constantly experimenting in the kitchen.

For you, lovely hostess, has a recipe for a quick diet salad every day.

Ingredients salad Chinese cabbage, corn and celery

  1. Chinese cabbage - 300 g
  2. celery - 2-3 pcs.
  3. Green apple - 1 pc.
  4. Cucumber - 1-2 pieces.
  5. Smetana -100-150 g
  6. Canned corn - 1b.
  7. salt, black pepper, lemon juice

How to prepare salad

First of all, disassemble the leaves of cabbage and wash them well with warm water, fold in a colander.It is convenient to cut the base of the cabbage, so the leaves themselves crumble and they do not have to tear off one by one.

cucumber, apple and celery as well wash.Apple cleaned of skin and cut into strips, cucumber crumble cubes and celery cut into small pieces.Corn drained.Chinese cabbage finely chop or cut into small c

ubes.Mix all the ingredients, season with salad cream, add 1ch.l.lemon juice and a bit of black pepper and salt.Salad insist 10-15 minutes to be served.

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Celery perfectly complements its crisp taste of Chinese cabbage and corn salad lends a sweet and sour taste.Bon Appetit!

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