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Baked milk at home: recipes for good and warm milk

Baked milk - a product which can be called unique, one of a kind.And this miracle first appeared in Russia, more precisely in ancient Russia.He prepared the whole day in the Russian stove.

Making this type of milk occurs by slow cooking of raw milk, to the obtaining of a cream-colored.Before the milk "drowned" in a clay jug, but now you can prepare in a thermos or Multivarki.

in melted milk kolichesvo much fat, protein, carbohydrates, amino acids and vitamins.Milk as a whole, and in particular clarified, is an excellent source of calcium, which is so necessary for the body .Calcium and vitamin D is used for the prevention and treatment of childhood rickets, vitamin A and phosphorus are necessary for the development of the nervous System Works and vision, the role given to antioxidants vitamin E and C, which boosts immunity and normalize the maturation of the child.Vitamin B, magnesium, potassium - the trio regulates development of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Baked milk is stored fo

r a long time and did not sour , it shows for children, diabetics and pregnant women.

Some experts believe that in the heat treatment, which milk is exposed, it loses many useful properties and vitamins .Share truth in this, but the main "baggage" of useful properties and trace elements of warm milk can not save.

Calorie baked milk

milk - a product of the fat and calorie content, respectively, will depend on the fat content.So milk 4% fat will "weigh" 67 kcal / 100 g .But this embodiment of the plant, in home product obtained is much fatter, and calculate the calories in this case impossible.

And milk fat content of 1% - slightly less - 40 kcal .It is suitable for losing weight.Here it is worth recalling that the program milliliters and not the same.That is why the product is weighed, if you count calories or dieting.

By and large, baked milk is not very rich in calories, the more that you can not drink it a lot.Because of its fat content is a rapid saturation.So very recover by him you can hardly .

Methods for preparing baked milk

best way to eat baked milk - cook it yourself or ask your grandmother, who surely knows.While the first option more appropriate, and you will be pleasantly distracting, and grandmother is not necessary.Better then to treat it your "first melted milk."

Option 1 - baked milk in a saucepan

Grandmother's recipe.The usual or enameled aluminum pan pour a few liters of regular milk, bring to a boil.Once the milk begins to rise, stir it with a wooden spoon and reduce heat.Leave the pot without a lid, simmer for 4 hours, no less, and remove the foam.On beige realize that baked milk ready.

Option 2 - baked milk in a thermos

Opoloschite conventional boiling water thermos and fill it with the boiled milk.Close and leave for the day or overnight.In the morning, at 8 o'clock, the milk is ready.It is not as thick as in the first embodiment, and its color is pink.But this should not confuse you - before you baked milk in a thermos, can enjoy!

Option 3 - baked milk in Multivarki

Pour into the pan Multivarki few liters of milk, select extinguishing.It must be at least 6 hours, with a break in the heating mode - a further 2 hours.Everything else entrust technique.

Option 4 - baked milk in the oven

To begin, boil the milk on the stove.Then just put it in the oven on low heat at 100 degrees, leave to languish for 6 hours.If you have a real clay container with lid - just fine.In a pot, and it produced the very appetizing crust, which are so fond fans of warm milk.To crust was thicker in its cooking spoon drown.

recipes of baked milk

House can prepare even ryazhenka very good quality.To do this, add the warm milk cream.The calculation is as follows: 2 tablespoons sour cream 1 liter of milk.All mix well and leave in the evening at room temperature.Lovely ryazhenka can get 6 hours, but it is better to leave it all 8.

Whichever method you choose for themselves - simple or complex, in what way would not go, we wish you success. Let your homemade baked milk is a nice cream-colored, with a thick crust, which is definitely not in any of the milk from the supermarket .And do not forget about his grandmother, though not his, so someone else.A neighbor, for example.In the end, you now have something to brag about!

Especially for Lady S - Anna

July 3, 2014 19:07
I often baked milk (from home) in Multivarki, but only in a water bath in an additional glass capacity.At the 5-liter bowl Multivarki - 1.2 liter glass.The "Quenching" for 4-6 hours (4 hours, in principle, it is enough).Multivarki - Polaris 0517AD.Then this warm milk sometimes do ryazhenka on the "Yogurt" - the milk cools down to 40 degrees, add the sour cream (1 tbsp. L. With a slide of 1.2 liters of milk) and at night.
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