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Skewers of turkey: recipes.

Everyone tried skewers of chicken.It is delicious and tender.But this dish has a worthy opponent.Barbecue and turkey is often used.The dish turns out in the end is very tender and flavorful.Especially interesting is the fact that the turkey meat, despite the hot remains a lot of useful substances.In addition, such a kebab is not particularly high in calories.

Turkey shashlik is prepared according to the same principle as the chicken.When soups and use breast chops, then fry on skewers and grill grate is better to opt for bёdryshkah.The reason is simple - after cooking they are dry as opposed to others. Parts.

can find tips about barbecue turkey, offering to buy whole carcasses.This is not entirely rational.In the dish you will leave a couple of hip.Of course, this is enough for one person, but the whole company is hardly feels full amount of such meat.The solution is simple - buy a few trays of cut already hips.Moreover, they will cost much less than the carcass.

When buying pay attention to the appe

arance of the turkey.Meat should not be dried up, and the skin is dark or spotted.Typically, the fiber from fresh meat of poultry have a reddish color.Peel - pinkish cream with no other colors.Under bёdryshkami in the tray should not be bloody puddles.Otherwise, the presence of moisture indicates that turkey repeatedly frozen and thawed.

If you have the opportunity to touch the turkey meat for barbecue, be sure to do it.When you press the flesh must quickly take initial shape.More one important point: when choosing a turkey kebab see that all the pieces are the same.So you will be easier to fry them.Each bёdryshko comes to readiness for one and the same time.

How to prepare the marinade for the turkey?

Skewers of turkey: Recipes

After selecting birds for barbecue. An important part - is cooked properly marinade.It argued that many types of meat should be subjected to a long marinating.Some even add the vinegar in the marinade!Doing this will definitely not worth it.Such an attitude is good meat does not benefit.

The preparation of marinades for any kind of barbecue is the secret.It is sometimes enough for fresh meat a little salt and onions.If the turkey is possible to add to these ingredients and more mayonnaise.This is done due to the fact that poultry meat itself is not fat, the same as the pork.As a result, when prigotolveniya on charcoal it becomes dryish and mayonnaise prevents this.

In the case of these ingredients marinated turkey kebab is very simple.To start a purely arbitrary number of onions.It is not as is commonly cut into rings and finely shinkuem.It is still one secret of making any barbecue.Firstly, because of its greater bow give juices and flavor.Secondly, all the rings are used to string this vegetable on skewers along with meat.Doing this is not necessary.Onion frying starts to burn, which is bad for barbecue.Melkonashinkovanny vegetable can be used for subsequent prigotolveniya gravy or sauce.Agree, it is easier to make small pieces instead of the rings.

After the chopped onion, it must handfuls of mash in your hands, squeezing them into a fist, and pour into a container with a turkey.In the middle portion of barbecue should choose a large pot with a lid.After the addition of onion meat a little salt it.Then take it lubricates mayonnaise and pieces from all sides.Then close the lid container with a turkey and a little shaken.At the end we put the turkey in the refrigerator to marinate.At least she would have to spend a couple of hours there.

There are others. Kinds of marinades for turkey:

  1. Wine - 1 kg bёdryshek need to take a bottle of dry white wine.Pre shinkuem finely 2 medium onions.Mix them with a bunch of crushed basil.Pour them into the meat.Fill bёdryshki wine.In this method, the turkey marinate for about 4 hours.
  2. Asian marinade for turkey - 2 kg bёdryshek birds take 2 tbsp.l.honey, 3 cloves of garlic, 0.5 tspground ginger, 0.5 tablespoonssoy sauce and lemon juice large.Garlic must be passed through the press.He was then added to the bowl where previously posted the remaining marinade ingredients.The whole was mixed and coated with pieces of meat.Marinate the turkey so 2-3 hours.
  3. spicy marinade - 2 kg bird, take 1 ch. L.cinnamon, cumin, black pepper.Also, you will need 2 medium onions, juice of a large lemon and 3 tablespoons.l.vegetable or olive oil.Mix the spices with the oil.Onions finely chop.Then add these ingredients to the meat.Marinate turkey 2-3 hr. 15 minutes before frying sprinkle with pieces of lemon juice.

Skewers of turkey: recipe

Skewers of turkey: Recipes


  1. Bёdryshki the split turkey - 2 kg
  2. Onions - 2 pcs.
  3. tkemali sauce (can be replaced by any other. Spicy) - 2 tbsp
  4. Vegetable oil - 2 tbsp
  5. nutmeg, black pepper, hops-suneli, salt - to taste


  • Bёdryshki washed under running water.Then obsushivayut paper towel and put in a large pot.
  • Onions clean and fine shinkuem.Lightly press it and go to the container with a turkey.
  • spices and butter mix and smear them pieces of meat.Then we salt them to taste.Send the turkey marinate for 3 hours.
  • 15 minutes before cooking to make a fire.To do this, we pour into the brazier coal burn and give it to a white plaque.Remember, never fried barbecue at an open fire!Coal should always burn.This will help to fry the meat and give it a crisp, but to leave his school.
  • turkey strung on skewers.Each must have the same number.If the hanging pieces of skin, they should either cut or staple meat.Otherwise, fat, smelted with them when frying, will drip onto the coals.
  • With all the pieces carefully remove the turkey sliced ​​onions.
  • Place the skewers of meat on a roasting pan.We are careful to never appeared open flame.It will need to sprinkle water.Roast turkey, turning periodically, for about 15 minutes.
  • Readiness is determined by the form of juice.To do this, a few pieces of the center knife incision.If the meat is slightly pinkish, and the juice has no admixture of blood, remove the skewers from heat.Remove the turkey from the coals should be on time.Otherwise, it will dry up.Do not be afraid of a pinkish shade of meat - it always comes to readiness after thermal treatment ends.

By the same token preparing any barbecue turkey.You can experiment with ingredients fill, spices and marinating time birds.

Skewers of turkey: Recipes

Turkey: caloric and useful properties

turkey low-calorie and very helpful.At 100 grams of fresh meat for about 190 calories.The most dietary option - breast.It is believed that this bird, because of its nutritional value, should be used in the diet of young children and nursing women.Of course, in the first case it has to be prepared accordingly.Often pediatricians recommend using turkey as foods for toddlers.It is also believed that it is hypoallergenic.

As for adults, it is advised to eat in case you are engaged in heavy physical labor, asit's great renewable energy.Turkey recommend losing weight and those who suffer from bad cholesterol.Such use of the meat of this bird because its composition is present in a lot of protein, B vitamins and various trace elements.

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turkey kebab - very simple, but incredibly tasty dish.It is best to cook it from bёdryshek.This part of the carcass when frying on coal becomes juicier unlike breast.Bёdryshki marinate for a few hours.To do this, take a finely chopped onion, spices and others. Ingredients.Broil skewers of turkey on the need of burnt coals for about 15 minutes.

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