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How to cook chickpeas?

Chickpeas also known as garbanzo beans (the characteristic taste), or chickpeas .It is very similar to the familiar for us peas, chickpeas but - larger.It grows chickpeas in tropical and subtropical climates.There it regularly eat.

On the Middle East, chickpeas grown for food seven and a half thousand years ago!The good chickpeas and how to cook it ?

Use chickpeas

Use chickpeas extremely high !

  • The Nute contains a large amount of vegetable protein .
  • The Nute high content of fiber.
  • As part of chickpea many unsaturated fats .
  • The structure includes a large number of chickpea life - critical micronutrients.
  • The Nute contains lysine - indispensable for the human body, amino acids.
  • high content of vitamins, such as B1 and B6.
  • contains folic acid, very useful for pregnant women.
  • contains large amounts of minerals.
  • Ancient people believed that chick is able to increase the number of female and male lactation seed .Moreover, in ancient times, chickpeas treated many renal diseases.
  • Modern scientists clearly agree that chickpeas significantly reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • As part of the "chick-peas" more than eighty minerals and vitamins!
  • Nut able to stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • prevent various eating disorders.
  • way to prevent the development of anemia.
  • way to give a high energy boost .
  • Eating chickpeas reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • addition, chickpeas is a dietary product!

What you should know before you cook chickpeas?

  • Nut use is contraindicated for people who suffer from ulcers of the bladder.
  • Eating chickpeas can contribute flatulence .

How to cook chickpeas?

Soak chickpeas

First, chickpeas should be soaked in water at room temperature.Water will need about three to four cups.If you want, to subsequently chickpeas seethe , add the water for soaking 0.5 teaspoon baking soda per one cup of peas.More soda do not need, or later will feel the taste of soda in peas.Soak best on the night.But if there is no time, nothing bad will happen if you soak chickpeas for four hours.This time it will be enough.

Cooking chickpeas

  • Drain the water in which soaked chickpeas, cover with clean, cold water.Water for cooking chickpea is best not to regret, because it swells when cooked.
  • Put container with chickpeas to the most heavy fire and wait for an ode to boil.If there is foam on the surface of the water, it must be removed.After boiling, we reduce the heat to very small and cook for one and a half - two hours.Time depends, extent boiled chickpeas you need.
  • During cooking, do not cover the lid, which cooked chickpeas .
  • Occasionally try chickpeas on the willingness .

water for cooking chickpeas we do not salt it.This is due to the fact that the salt water will take longer to cook chickpeas.If you want, chickpeas to seethe - do not salt the water to the boil.And if you need to chickpeas remained intact , podsolite water for about thirty minutes until tender.

Cleaning chickpea

Unlike conventional peas, chickpeas always sold crude .Therefore, after you boil it, for an hour, take it out of the water, cool under cold water.Then fill with ice water and rub it thoroughly, scraping from the husk.Then, you can continue cooking.

After all the above actions, you will prefabricated , using which you can prepare a lot of variety and delicious dishes!

Bon appetit!

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