Your image in the eyes of her husband.

In my opinion, the family fortune is irresistible urge the faithful to the home, so expertly arranged by his wife (which I wish all the frequency inveterate newlyweds weddings along with other "useful" toast).And, of course, coming home from work, tired, hungry eyes, your husband wants to see in front of you is a beautiful creature, whom he married, with well-groomed face, beautiful hair and delightful underwear.But let's look more - it just to maintain its image of Cinderella at the ball with a hard stepmother - family life.

And something on your fragile shoulders!

Creating a home, so praised marriage supporters, have a responsible and challenging activity.Here, as they say, do not take swoop.After all, the pious, the first thing in the morning what to expect?That's right, breakfast!It is advisable to bed, and even better with a smile on his face at all the women's arms: make-up, manicure and so on;tail coat and do not roll.And, of course, do not forget about the morning of tenderness.So we have t

o get up nice and unique, long before a loved open up his eyes clear, but otherwise, he's working to feed the family, and in a bad mood sutra no productive day's work does not work out.All work carried out on her husband, and now you can relax.But there it was!Women with children in the family will immediately understand what I mean.It's one-two-three sweetheart, awakened in the morning, too, expect the portion of affection and attention.Well, the kids at school, my husband at work now, then perhaps you can and sit down?Yes, sit down for a stove, oven, ironing board and washing machine.Is not it time?And yet you want to be beautiful even not only for her husband, but for herself.That has to be worn wheels with ladle in one hand, iron in the other and mythical malicious curlers on her head, of course, in his dressing gown, so as not to splash prepared for an evening meeting with the work of her beloved husband.So often it turns out.What is this daily bustle of the working edakogo trance to create a home outputs only the sound of opening the lock on the front door.And, horror of horrors!Throughout the respectable garb mistress, dear husband with a pretty face, hidden under the mask of cucumbers is facing her husband, gazing at her with a frightened look.

Help close

That sum husbands contrasting image of his faithful wife, this "other" after the wedding.But the question is, what else, a "way of his wife," the man can help preserve.After all, a woman should always be beautiful, and in the water and in a burning hut - there is an undeniable truth ... hearth fireplace, but we must not forget that the man still loves his eyes, and so the man is not squandered his views to the right andto the left, you need to rivet his attention only to itself, the one and only.For serious work with a spouse is hardly enough time to flirt with any lady, but when he got home, he was very homesick for feminine charm, he longs to see his most beautiful and lovely wife in the whole world white.And what did he think when tired after fighting to the front door, and remove the last of his strength before his eager eyes to love there is something from science fiction movie by Steven Spielberg!And did he not explain that so many do today to tomorrow faithful could put on a clean shirt, breakfast in bed and sneezing from the dust.A woman's beauty takes time and effort!And how to be in a closed situation?The solution is obvious, as never before, because we have a lover and his hands and his head, and he is a huge "fun" can help their beloved on the farm on the weekends or after work, do not lose anything from it.And here the most beautiful and lovely wife will time each day to confirm its status as Cinderella at the ball.

The result is that the wife in the family not only keeps your home everyday drudgery, but is the guardian of the very love that bound in the bonds of marriage Representatives of Mars and Venus.And the main joy for men - is envious glances of his friends, suddenly the couple who honor his visit, and instead of "Chupacabra" in the filthy ragged coat, a green mask of extraterrestrial origin, and fun "cylinders" on their heads, they see next to his friend, the beautiful wife who are able tohis charm shine, yet alone ladle resting in a saucepan with fresh nourishing soup.

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