Symptoms of male infidelity

You doubt allegiance to your boyfriend?You have every right to do as he swore not you in love and faithfulness, and no matter how beautiful and intelligent you no matter from treason no one can insure.Read this article to determine how true is your choice.But first, you should find out whether you need this information.Perhaps recognizing the fact of adultery, you will not be ready to make a decision about the separation, but it will poison your life.If this principle is for you, then it will have to be cautious and careful to uncover the whole truth.Although my advice - do not cut down all the spur of the moment, for men physical betrayal is not something terrible, usually it can change with anyone, but to love one prefers.So, read the signs of male infidelity .

1) It is too watching their phone

Your man will never leave your phone in a conspicuous place, he often had a message or at the wrong time ringing, as he claims to work.And no matter what the call might even be in the evening, and he mo

ves away from you, to talk.On your claim, why not talk to you, he says, he does not want you to strain his workers chores.Of course, maybe he really challenging job, but still worth thinking about it.

2) In his conversations, new phrases and expressions

When we begin to closely communicate with the person, without noticing copy his style of communication, self-mixing.If you saw it from a loved one, it is the occasion to find out, maybe someone in his entourage a similar manner of speaking, because of the mistresses give birth to colleagues, or from the overall company.Even more unpleasant situation if you call another name.It really is a very serious warning bell, but knowing the name of his opponent, you will be much easier to find out who she is.

3) Too much work

He always some late meetings and contingencies at work.Or he claims that he was asked to increase the corporate ladder, so he has to work hard, but that's his promotion has been going on for several months.When you're trying to get through to him in the evening, he dryly replied that he was busy or did not answer at all.But maybe your man is a workaholic and wants to achieve professional growth, and you just do not believe it?Then, gently try to talk to his colleagues and to find out about the situation at work.

4) A lot of time began to give the appearance

Of course, if your choice before been in love with his reflection, and could spend hours admiring themselves in the mirror, there is nothing to be surprised.But if it became sharply throttled more than usual, carefully selected wardrobe, make sure that the socks do not turned ragged, perfect shave, and even laid her hair, then it is should be alerted.

5) Friends, about which you know nothing

He can come to a meeting with classmates Vasya or Petya another for work, but you never hear about them.Or sharply comes his old childhood friend, with whom he needs to meet alone, or even he needed to go to an urgent business trip for a few days.

6) confuses the testimony

Man You ask about something - he says one thing, ask about the same after a while, says something quite different.Because when we lie all the time is difficult to say the same thing, at some point, he certainly pierce.Surely you had a situation when we had to deceive someone, it is often in such cases becomes incoherent character pauses become longer or in general people prefer to leave the question.

7) unjustified jealousy

He became more suspicious of you, check your phone psyche if you are somewhere detained, when you call a man on the phone.If your man is not pathological jealous, it's likely he's just afraid of what you do to him just as well.It is very easy to explain on the psychological level, we try all our own behavior.

8) surprises

Statistics show that more than 90% of men in a relationship go to the left.Feeling guilty, they try to appease the girl gifts.Besides, if he had previously made them rarely or only on occasion, and then showed up home with a bouquet and perfume.Or, for example, he was not there the whole day, he knew that he was waiting for the scandal comes from the show.Of course, once a woman is softened and can not be angry at him for a long time, men know it and enjoy it.

9) He ignores you

He used to call you affectionate nickname, and now dry by name, before he could notice a new hairstyle or a note, you look great, but now shrugs off of you as a nuisance.Not interested, how and with whom you spend your free time, and he is in no hurry to share how spent your day.In contrast to the point about the unfounded jealousy, where your men are still present feelings for you, there is, unfortunately, he extinguished the interest in your person.

10) Sex boring and monotonous

you bitterly recall the old days when you all night making love and then sleep not happy and went to work.And now he kisses you on the cheek, and the night turns to the wall to safely sleep.Even your erotic outfit does not cause strong emotions in him, and scanned with porn inspires his sexual exploits.Maybe he just has a midlife crisis, and maybe he spent his virility spends on you?

11) Many female friends

He tells you that she's companion, with whom he was seen a few days ago - it is a very good friend of mine at work, and in general warns you that he is very sociable and always will surroundwomen.Only here he meets with them at all times in an informal atmosphere and is in no hurry to introduce you to them.

If you are found in the behavior of his half of several of these symptoms, then just do not panic.Anything can be a sudden it's just a coincidence.But after that be more attentive to her man, and pay attention to detail.

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July 23, 2013 12:07
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