How to survive a divorce?

Divorce ... According to statistics, as of today he finishes every second marriage.And how can you believe that yesterday you loved, sought to man with all my heart, but today it is not close to you.Do you still remember the first meeting, it is a mutual attraction, which seemed forever linked the two of you like you were looking for any opportunity to be together, and the whole of eternity would not be enough ... Who is waiting at this moment the words "... and they lived happily ever after"and" ... and a few years later they were divorced? "Ended process, the documents are signed, thrown out of the ring and raises the question of how to live?

At this point, each behaving differently.Someone tightly closed in themselves and continue to live, pretending that all is well, but at heart it eats the pain and resentment.Someone, not hiding grief, crying girlfriend in a vest, and possibly all friends at once.There are also people who first raised the mountain over a glass, but sometimes it never left.Or v

ice versa, you are happy, because the marriage was a mistake of your life, and finally this nightmare is ended.Whatever was your divorce, you have to know how to survive.

Here are a few tips from life .

Step 1 : not in a hurry to flog a fever, look around. Alone with a look at everything with new eyes, as if to take a look at ourselves.Yeah, stout ... hairstyle for several months was not involved ... And then a tear-stained face, the horror!it's time to start sleeping.Or, uh, such a cutie, and why I did not notice before?With my figure and can wear a mini.And in general, I have always irritated long hair, do not try any penalty?And at this moment decide, what would you like to change in yourself , because chtoperemeny already come into your life and stay on the same wave can not.

Step 2: progress will be more enjoyable with a positive , and it, too, need somewhere to take.I will tell you a secret, the positive will be your faithful companion, when you begin to pursue their dreams.Therefore, at this stage, sit down and think of all the things you've ever dreamed of.Thank you!instead of your husband, girlfriend, parents.Meticulously record, not the fact that you get up tomorrow with the same feet and want to do something to change in the depressive - a dreary life, and then a written agreement, a bet with myself, and if I can ...

Step 3: Well, you've looked at ourselves, decide you want to change, to remember what had long dreamed of ... And now it's time to act !Only the advance will lead to the desired goal.Wait, what is the goal we have?Our goal - to be happy.After all, life does not end in divorce, happiness is not out of life and a new love, perhaps waiting already beyond the threshold of the apartment.You just need to make a step towards this new life and steer in the right direction.

Step 4: find something for everyone .I'm not talking about a favorite work, though it is also very important, I'm talking about what you're doing with pleasure. After all, we are born geniuses, and then the daily routine becomes ordinary.Perhaps you begin to write poetry, even bitter and awkward at first, but from the heart.Or maybe just you sit down to knit, because now, when you do not need to cook his favorite first - second and compote, you have a lot of free time in which someone crying, and you are busy hobby.

Step 5: make new friends. Let it be men and women, Russian and other nationalities, positive and certainly n riyatnye you communicate. can try to start a new novel, but only if you're ready for it.Hurry just not worth it.If an insult to all the men still gnaws at you, she will find a way to a new relationship.

Step 6: bring to life a positive. in the world as much details that elevate mood, give warmth and comfort in the house, pleasing to the eye.So let them into your life too!Maybe you will have a kitten, can first flower in a pot, and suddenly you want to jump with a parachute and get an unforgettable adrenaline.Make positive your faithful companion, and he will lead you to happiness!

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Time flies.It takes a day after the divorce a month without a , the year of a new life.Your right to dispose of the time at its discretion.Someone will dig into the past mistakes, blame themselves and hide in my heart hurt, and someone will find the strength to get up and go forward.Not in order to be happy in spite of her ex-husband, and then to become better, to find happiness in life.I hope that our advice to you in this very help.Go ahead, go with a positive and a smile on his face and always be happy!

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