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What you need for the wedding?

Wedding ceremony - this is a very serious and responsible step that requires the maximum liability of the decision.A married couple should think very carefully, weigh the "pros" and "cons" before deciding on the ceremony.Wedding - a vow of eternal love, the presence of God. What do you need for the church wedding ceremony ?

attributes required for wedding

There is some list of the necessary things that must be present at the wedding.

  • pectoral cross.In crowning pair and witnesses wedding it should be mandatory.However, like the other guests.Although, in the territory of each temple, crosses can be purchased, it is best to take care of this in advance.
  • Wedding rings. priest conducting the wedding ceremony, must illuminate the ring.At your request, the rings may be those with which you have registered the marriage, and can be purchased specifically for the wedding.
  • clean, white towels. He will need to stand on it in her lap, during the wedding ceremony, when necessary.
  • Four small handkerchief .For a married couple, and the wedding witnesses.
  • Wedding icons .Ideally, when your family is an icon, which is inherited, and have blessed the marriage of this icon.If such an icon you do not, it can be purchased in the church shop.
  • candles. correct amount you can check with the priest.
  • crowns witnesses.
  • bottle of Cahors wine .It Cahors.No other wine is not fit.
  • Headgear for the bride. This can be a veil, and maybe a beautiful white shawl.However, take care that neither one nor the other was not very lush.Otherwise, from the magnificent headdress of candles can ignite.
  • marriage certificate. In most cases, it is still required.But some priests and conduct a wedding ceremony without a marriage certificate.

If you are worried that you have on your wedding ceremony will not bring something need to clarify once again the above list with clergyman of the church, which gathered to get married.

How to prepare for the wedding?

  • Three days before the wedding sacrament should keep a strict fast .And, it's not just food.It is to give up all of the entertainment and performing marital debt.In addition, most of the time these days, you need to spend in prayer.
  • outfit, which should be the bride at baptism, - the most closed dress.Fata, if it exists, rather short and fluffy.Pants on the bride on wedding sacrament prohibited.
  • best if the wedding, the bride will be completely without makeup.However, light, soft makeup is not banned.
  • spouses who run a wedding ceremony should be as little jewelry.The best option - the presence of pectoral cross and wedding rings.
  • should know that the mystery of the wedding is not performed on fasting days, in Easter week, days of Carnival in the period from Christmas to Epiphany.
  • conducting a wedding ceremony, the priest will call you by name, which you cross.It is necessary to know these names.Take care of this in advance, ask about it from their parents.
  • If one or both of the spouses shall not baptized in the Orthodox Church, the priest will not hold a wedding ceremony as long as the unbaptized will not pass the sacrament of baptism in the Orthodox Church.

Wedding ceremony lasts approximately , fifty minutes.Sometimes a little less, sometimes a little longer.Therefore, it is best to wear comfortable shoes for the celebration.For the duration of the ceremony have to stand.Not very comfortable to stand on his heels for so long.

Sacrament of the wedding - a procedure which will incur a certain amount of money.In most cases, the amount is not specified, and is considered a voluntary donation.But in most churches the amount is around 500 rubles and above, depending on the significance of the temple.

If you prepare for the wedding , and by reading this article, you still have any questions related to the mystery of the wedding, read the article How to prepare for the wedding?or ask for help from the clergy, who will give you detailed advice on all your questions.

May God protect you!

Especially for LadySpecial . ru - Vitalina

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