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Frustrated loved one

Everyone at least once in their lives to someone or in something disappointed.But most great pain brings disappointment loved one .It is very frightening and can unsettle a long time.What are the causes of disappointment in your loved one?And how is it possible to survive?

reasons disappointment loved one

  • outstanding promise.Indeed, one expect from a man, but actually goes quite another.One thing is when the promise did not happen because of force majeure.Another thing - when you have simply forgotten about.It's really a shame, frustration and contributes to the favorite.
  • Treason.This situation is much more serious earlier.You hoped that you a person who really loves you and will never change.But the opposite happened.Such frustration is very difficult.

  • Betrayal.In principle, it can be called a betrayal and treason.But there are several cases where betraying a loved one.This and all kinds of situations with the material and physical side.
  • indifference.Are you frustrated that you become in
    different your favorite person. But you never know, suddenly he also is in you, for whatever reason, was disappointed.

All the situations described above, come under one single cause of frustration in his favorite.The fact is that starting a new relationship often do not even know the person better, we have already gives it some character that he can be absolutely no inherent.And then, when we realize that these qualities man possesses, there is disappointment.In such situations, unfortunately, often blame ourselves.

How to survive the disappointment in your loved one?

from understanding the causes of the situation and seldom becomes easier.You must somehow survive this situation.But how?

  • Firstly, you should always remember that no man on earth is not always obliged to fully justify our expectations.Everyone - individuality, with their thoughts and feelings.So before you give any favorite character, make sure that they really are inherent to it.
  • If your loved one disappointment is justified , try to talk to him about the situation.Tell him about your feelings, listen to him.Maybe he'll be ready to change for you.
  • perfect remedy for stressful experiences - shopping.Allow yourself to what had long dreamed of.Most likely, then, the world will play for you more vibrant colors.
  • a sweet tooth?Awesome!Arrange a Day of Sweet Tooth.Allow yourself a big piece of chocolate cake, which had not even afraid to look.Sweet, is known to have hormone joy so quickly relieve you from depression.
  • No matter how trite it sounds, but the time really heals.As if you were not bad and sad, after some time, these feelings come to naught, and you learn to enjoy life again.
  • Do not make the other person, no matter how close, and he was not loved, the meaning of his life.In such cases, it is more likely in the future, to be disappointed in this man.After all, it voskladyvalis such hopes!

  • Try to find the meaning of life in inanimate things.This can be any hobby or charity activity.
  • first time after the incident a situation where you were disappointed in a loved one, try not to stay for a long time alone with his thoughts.To distract yourself, you can not.On the contrary, you will think about it more, driving himself into a depression.
  • Love yourself!If you rely only on themselves, will be much less frustrating.
  • Let yourself cry from the heart, but do it only once!Ad libitum violently, but once.Then, give yourself a promise that you "cry" and released the situation.
  • Give a vow never not to avenge the man who has disappointed you .Firstly, it will not change the situation.Secondly, you make yourself worse.Try to simply forgive.
  • Try to escape from thinking about his disappointment.Get out of your head into work.It may even positively affect your career!
  • If you allow the situation, get yourself a pet.Take care of him, talk to him.In a word, switch all your love for a pet.

Whatever it was, do not despair!Even in a bad situation as disappointment loved one , has its useful moments.Firstly, sooner or later, you will not worry about this situation.Secondly, as it were blasphemous it may sound right now, you will have gained valuable experience in life.And third, remember what was written on the ring Solomon?"Everything will pass, this too shall pass!".

Life is beautiful, sad, and cease to resist the apathy! you - the best , and worthy of the most beautiful in the world!

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