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Gifts for the wedding?

wedding - a special event in the life of the couple.Therefore, a gift designed to commemorate this event has to be special. What better to give to the wedding - the right thing, such as those presented at the wedding.Or a gift for Orthodox subjects?

Choosing a gift for the wedding

  • Firstly, a gift depends on the extent to which relatives or acquaintances, you are a member of a married couple, preparing for the wedding.
  • Secondly, a gift that you will give, of course, depends on the amount by which you expect.
  • Third, a gift to the wedding may depend on the well-being of the couple in whose wedding you're invited.Although it is, of course, debatable.Because, even if you are invited to the wedding to blagosostoyatelnoy married couple, this does not mean that you have to give a very expensive gift.

And, of course, the choice of gift depends on the age of the couple, who decided to get married.After all, not everyone can be happy with your present and twenty and fifty years.

Gifts crowned by a pair?

gift options - weight.Your task - to choose what most will like the crowning.

  • money. Standard gift .It is especially useful in cases when you are not close enough to the couple who had gathered to get married.And, therefore, you do not know what kind of gift they may come to mind.And for the money they can buy what they need.
  • icon. On wedding can give icon of saints, which are designed to protect marriage.If you want to give a custom gift, it is best to buy a silver icon, which will then be transmitted to descendants.
  • Flowers.Naturally we are not talking about the usual bouquet.Crowned by a pair of memorable huge basket of flowers or insanely beautiful bouquet of rare flowers.

  • If you are familiar with the couple, you can ask them if all they bought for the wedding ceremony.If they have not purchased any attributes, you can buy something for the wedding.For example, a wedding wreath.
  • album.Again, this is not an ordinary album for photos.Now it is very fashionable photo made with their own hands.Cover is made of beautiful materials, decorated with beads, ribbons, flowers, and many others.You can make individual orders of the album.
  • Some banks now have to sell the coin "Wedding" in a gift box.The coin is made of silver.Such a gift is original and beautiful.
  • can give a couple who had gathered to get married, shelves for icons.Just before, ask whether the icons in the home of the couple.
  • Appliances - universal gift.Despite the fact that the triumph to which you are invited - not a wedding, home appliances as a gift is a very good gift.Especially if you give it what dream wife.
  • can order to crowning the couple wedding portrait .Only by placing the artist, check out the work that he has already done.In order not to happen so that the couple will receive a humorous cartoon.
  • If resources permit, you can buy a camera.It will never be over, even in the family, which already has this thing.Just be careful with the choice of the company camera not to disappoint the couple.
  • set of cutlery.This is a classic!Even in the times of our grandmothers was made to give at weddings and wedding cutlery.Especially popular are the sets are made of silver.
  • excellent gift will be two silver cups.If you wish, you can make them engraved with the names of the couple and their wedding date.
  • Magnificent unusual gift will be two crystal glasses of pink crystal.
  • You can watch a gift in an antique shop.For example, it can be a beautiful antique statue.Especially like such a gift to connoisseurs of antiquity.
  • can give another original gift for a wedding .Get the champagne, and then make on the bottle label, which will be the names of the spouses.It's also possible to place on the label the date of the wedding.In that case you will get good expensive champagne, it can be stored for decades!
  • Another classic wedding gift for a beautiful and expensive bed linen.For example, it may be set in white, made of silk.One subtlety - you need to ask in advance the size of the bed of the spouses, not to be mistaken with the size of the set.For details on selecting bedding for spouses read the article How to choose linens for spouses.
  • Another good gift to the wedding will be gold chains.Crosses purchase is not necessary.Firstly, they may be spouses.And, secondly, crosses - a delicate and private.Let yourself getting married acquire crosses themselves.

  • can give for a wedding beautiful oil lamp.Especially good is the gift if the spouses do not have one.
  • Another themed gift associated with Orthodoxy.Give the couple a nice big gift copy of the Bible.For example, a gold-embossed pages and gold letters on the cover.

choosing a gift for the wedding , select it from the heart.It does not matter whether it is an expensive gift or merely symbolic.The main thing that it was from the heart. If you doubt the correctness of his choice, think about what gifts you would like to get to his own wedding.Think what a gift you most happy at his own wedding.

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Good luck choice!

Especially for LadySpecial . ru - Vitalina

October 21, 2013 10:10
Usually wedding invite closest people, if the wedding after wedding, then any gifts, I think it is not necessary, all offered for a wedding, wedding on the main thing that people prayed for the welfare of marriage and wished the young family happiness, soul ached for them.I believe that in addition to the wedding colors do not have to give.
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