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Fear of loneliness

Many women victims fiasco in relationships, start to think that they are not wanted .However, there is the fear of loneliness : a woman believes that her no love , and she will always be lonely.Is it really?And as possible to overcome the fear of loneliness?

Signs of fear of loneliness

How do you know that you have a fear of loneliness develops ?On what grounds can be determined?

  • If you have a fear of loneliness begins, then you will no doubt annoy couples in love who will defiantly hugging and kissing in public.
  • you will irritate the films in which the main characters, with happy smiles on their faces, bind themselves by marriage.
  • Most likely, you will put out the story that a friend had passed its assignation.Moreover, the more details about this meeting will be to inform a friend, the more you it will be put out.
  • If you are afraid of loneliness, you shall afflict constant questions of close friends and relatives about the details of your personal life.The most irritating question:
    "Well, when we take a walk at your wedding ?!" "Well, when we have to nurse grandchildren ?!".
  • your relationship with the opposite sex are not permanently added, the initiator gap, most often serves your other half.
  • you no longer feel like a smart, beautiful, self-sufficient woman. you think that you have something wrong. you purchased a bunch of complexes about their appearance, ability to paint and dress.

you think that the portrait, described above, up for you?Then we read below, how to get rid of the fear of loneliness .

How to get rid of the fear of loneliness?

  • First of all, calm down.The matter did not you. You do not have ceased to be either clever or beautiful.Simple, yet, it is not your time .Do not blindly follow stereotypes.I do not think that women should get married 21-22 years, 25 to have children.Each happens differently.So, your time has not come yet.
  • Do not cling to any man and any relationship just because you do not want be alone .No need to keep in mind negative thoughts!Release and thoughts and hopeless man!
  • While you (no, not alone, but free!) be engaged in self-realization .You have already mastered a good profession?And what about the foreign language?And would you like to learn to dance belly dance, tango, or any other, no less beautiful, the dance?In addition, if possible, you can travel the world.Beauty over the world enchant you so that you have no time to think about the fact that you are alone.
  • Do not get hung up on the issue of .Think about it from the other side.Yes.Your classmate Masha already married and had a baby.But, now, when Masha an opportunity to travel, she can not afford it, because no one with whom to leave the child.In addition, Mary became you complain that in recent years, her husband began to stay at work.But you do not have to worry about!
  • Sometimes, it also happens that woman, afraid of loneliness , grabs his relationship with the first available man.Not only that, in this relationship, is not likely to be present passion and heartbeat, so you can still get caught not exactly a good man. Meanwhile, the same prince will pass you by, but did not notice because you'll be with another man.
  • In addition, if you start build a relationship with a man not because they love, but because age is running out, frustration is likely in the near future.And it will have to break the relationship, and how much time will be spent on them!
  • It is possible that now think that love invented , and it really is not.But do not despair, and to lower the bar for your future man!Start with anger management, remember how in the movie "The most charming and attractive"? Love yourself, and you will love !

Do not think that you will never be lucky, and you will always remain one.Everyone has a chance, you just have to be able to see it, and be sure to take advantage of, and then, sure everything will be fine !

wish you happiness and mutual love!

Especially for - Vitalina