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The dance of the bride with the bridesmaids

Wedding - the most anticipated event in the life of every girl.We dream about the handsome groom, how beautiful it will make us an offer, which is unusual in our dress.

And Offer - passed stage, we are preparing for the wedding.I would like to have, it was the best, most interesting and memorable.First of all, I want to please yourself, and then the visitors.For ourselves, we order a photographer and videographer, buy exquisite outfit, go to a beauty salon, etc.For guests we choose a restaurant, hire a wedding toastmaster with an interesting program.

We want all the competitions were discussed, thought out all the details, possible and impossible.Scenario bride price usually does a bridesmaid, but God forbid if it does not agree on it with the bride!Everything should be as he wants a bride, because it's her day!

Therefore about dance bridesmaids have to think in advance.

the west often bridesmaid dress in the same dress on a style and color .You can find the bridesmaids in pink, blue, yellow,

beige dress.Style may be the same or different from the other dresses.Why not invite her friends for your wedding like?Especially in the dance it will look very impressive, much!

Select dance for the bride and bridesmaids

Dance can choose the easiest , important to consider all the motions .Very nice would look synchronous execution of all movements.

also very simple dance can decorate what some items .Your friends can keep in the hands of Japanese fans (for the dance in Japanese style), umbrellas (dance in the style of jazz ).It can be fun dance with soap bubbles, balloons, confetti (especially like small children at your wedding).

In addition, you can make pair dance .Well if your girlfriend will come to your wedding with the young people, or spouses.By the way, guys can wear too in the same or in blends the color of the bridesmaids' dresses .

room for your imagination a lot.Main, Man dance (if you decide to stay on it), it is necessary to pay more attention than a single. single dance can come up with themselves girlfriends .Surely some of them have ever worked in my life dancing (oriental, modern, etc.).Doubles dance is desirable to put a specialist.If it's not, it should be someone who knows the dance, who knows how to dance and teach it to others.

You can choose Waltz , tango (clothes should be appropriate) or any other ballroom dance .There is another option selection Russian folk dance , but do not think that it will be easier.

not rule out the possibility of joining in any part of the dance of the bride, or its inclusion in the dance at the beginning.The main thing - remember that this should occur dance around the bride , it should be in the center - the most beautiful, most elegant and most attractive!Therefore task bridesmaids - to organize a dance so that emphasize the dignity of the bride, and show it in its best light!

Creative inspiration to you when selecting a dance for you and your girlfriends and the most wonderful wedding!

Especially for LadySpecial. ru - Margo