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Engagement: traditions and customs

What is a wedding, they know everything.This emergence of a new family unit of society, as discussed earlier.But not everyone knows what engagement , and what rites and customs associated with it. What traditions are characteristic of engagement ?

What is engagement?

  • Engagement - is holiday on which couple said all the relatives and friends of their wish to get married.
  • Venue engagement depends on the willingness of young people.This can be a cottage, a private apartment, or even a restaurant.This case is the desire of everyone.
  • symbol engagement ring is .Unspoken laws of engagement state that she can not take the ring from a guy answering his refusal.If a girl does not agree to marry this man, she should not take the ring.

Traditions and rituals of engagement in Russia

  • groom and his relatives came to the house of the bride with gifts.
  • most common variants of offerings - shawl, ring or gold jewelry.
  • absent from the bride's engagement .Relatives gave her hand to the groom on b
    ehalf sewn and embroidered by her shirt.
  • Further, exchanged gifts, the guests sat at the table, under the shrine.
  • few minutes were all sitting at the table in silence.Next
  • relatives on both sides began to discuss the upcoming wedding , concluded that something like this marriage contract .It stipulated the size of the bride's dowry, the penalty that must be paid by the party which caused fracture occurs.
  • a sign of a strong love for his bride, the groom would bring her an engagement ring in a gift jewel.
  • wealthy family in Russia in honor of engagement allowed noble balls on a huge number of guests!Later, with the advent of typing, wealthy families gave ad in the newspaper, thus inviting guests for the upcoming engagement.
  • After the engagement the bride and groom could see before the wedding.But it could happen only in the presence of the parents of one of the parties.Any private meetings were strictly forbidden.

Traditions and rituals of modern engagement

most often in modern times, engagement is considered to be the day , when the future spouses submit the application to the registrar.

duration engagement - before committing to marriage.

During engagement are preparing for the upcoming wedding .Cooking can be discussed newlyweds and their parents, or jointly.

Traditionally, an engagement groom gives the bride a ring , which is worn until the day of the wedding.On the day of the wedding ring is removed and never worn.And in the case of a successful marriage is inherited.

  • accepted to give an engagement ring with a precious stone, and the wedding - smooth.
  • ring given at the betrothal, worn on the ring finger of his left hand .As is known, this is the finger is directly connected to the heart.
  • The fact that the pair engaged in when going to visit, should announce the bride's father.If it is not, or can not attend the festival, it can replace the bride's brother.
  • When the bride and groom sit at the table, their parents have to take a well-defined place.The groom's parents should sit down at the right hand of the bride, bride's parents should take their places on the left hand of the groom.
  • Once announced their engagement, the parents of both sides begin negotiations upcoming wedding .
  • bride's attire, which she wears on her engagement , should be festive and bright.The bride should be dressed in classical costume.
  • After the engagement took place, called the young bride and groom until the wedding.
  • But you can not ustravivat great holiday to celebrate the engagement.Customs allow quite modest tea party, which will be attended by young and their parents.And you can celebrate the engagement and together .This tradition is also not prohibited.

traditions and customs of engagement in other countries


  • Engagement in this country equivalent to marriage.After the engagement the young have a right to live together.
  • According to German legends, if timed engagement to any celebration, the marriage will be strong and successful.


  • young parents get together to exchange gifts.
  • Parents of the groom give the bride's parents a few envelopes.In one of them are money for an upcoming wedding.The rest - symbols of love and a strong marriage.Envelope is 3 pieces, 5, 7 or 9.
  • In turn, the parents of the bride, the groom's parents give money, which is approximately equal to half the amount that gave the groom's parents.


  • bride must give the groom a shirt that sewed his own.
  • groom gives the bride a ring or scarf.

  • According to ancient customs of this country the bride and groom could see only under the supervision of parents.Date alone were excluded prior to the day of the wedding.

Ancient Rome

It was there that was born the tradition of giving an engagement ring .That's just in ancient Rome ring darilos not the bride and her parents.Such a ring is made from a conventional metal - iron.Such a ring was a symbol that the groom has a certain status.


  • In this country accepted an engagement to give a diamond ring!
  • In addition, to this day, most often, is timed preparation and signing of the marriage contract.

You can mark their engagement in the narrow family circle, you can call friends and acquaintances, and you can throw a feast for the whole world.It is everyone's business.Tips - Article How to organize engagement ?.You might decide to spend engagement of the traditions and customs of another country .With this article, it is possible!

you love and happiness!

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