Relationship // He and she

Happy couple - Julia and David: "Trust - is the foundation of relations"

Yulia 19 years old, and David, 22, and together - a bright and sensual couple!They did not live together, but make plans together happy family with children.

secrets divided Julia.

- Tell us where and how did you meet?

Yulia : We met on a dating site, and since then have been together for a whole year!

- How did you know you wanted to be together?

Yulia : One immediately felt a mutual attraction, and almost immediately began to meet.

- Why do you think he chose you, and what would you choose it?

Yulia : I chose him for his charisma, courage and ability to find a common language with any person.Well, he does not even know me, probably, for the beauty and goodness.

- quarreled ever, and you came to the parting?Like looking for a compromise?

Yulia : quarrels, this is difficult to avoid, because we are both very violent and uncompromising, on the zodiac sign Scorpio, I, and it is very jealous and emotional sign, but for the sake of a loved one, I try to restrain myself.It was and i

s that we parted, and I thought I had more and not make it up, but perhaps overpowering feelings and we are still together.We must pay tribute to David at odds he always tries to talk to, to find the cause of misunderstanding and reach a compromise.It usually comes first to put up with flowers, and how can it then do not forgive?

Have you had a hard time in relationships and how you overcame them together?

Yulia : There were, of course, like any couple, I do not believe that there are ideal relationship, but we coped with them always, because together we - the power, because we love and can not live without each other, andfor us, these times are not a problem.

- Is there in your relationship jealousy?If so, how do you cope with it?

Yulia : Oh, yes ... I'm very jealous jealous girl) And David is a very sociable person and often communicates with many girls, but still trust - the foundation of the relationship, and no reason to be jealous of their favorite silly.David, too, are often jealous of me, but if between us there is some third person, we immediately try to remove it and stop communication.I think it's better to break contact with some unfamiliar and inexpensive for you to man than for this to spoil relations with your partner.

- Do you have any long-term plans?

Yulia : Yes, we are planning to get married in the future, but do not want to rush this, I do not want to make hasty decisions.For me, the husband should be the only one in a lifetime.

- What is your love?

Yulia : Love - it is something that can not be expressed in one word.For one, it's a passion, respect for the other, for someone else to tender, and it seems to me, love encompasses all, and yet something inexplicable that even humans can not explain in words.

Especially for - Natella

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