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What kind of girls like guys?

Sometimes the girls are of the view that in order, to like the guy , bright enough to make up, wear tight clothes and high heels.But it takes some time, and they notice that their relationships are short-term and serious.Why is this happening? What did girls like guys ?

What color hair like boys?

It is believed that the guys enjoy exceptionally blond hair.In fact it is not.Like and brunettes and red-haired.But not like guys bright, unnatural shades of hair - red, blue, green.In addition, they do not like the hair regrowth with a different color.

What looks like guys?

Of course, no one will argue with the fact that men love with their eyes .But!Their eyes are loved not only a slim figure.There are those guys who like girls "in the body."The main thing, in their opinion, it sincere smile on the face of the girl , expression of the eyes and facial features.

What style of guys like?

Men rarely know the true value of things are put on the girl.Of course, there are those that know, b

ut you are unlikely to be interested in each other. Men pay more attention out if things look neat, put on the girl.Whether combined with each other items of clothing?

men pay attention to what you wear emphasizes the dignity of women, hiding any shortcomings of her figure.Or vice versa, puffing all the flaws show.More style read the article "A stylish woman.What is it?As it be? ".

What flavor guys prefer?

Men like pleasant, unobtrusive scents , coming from a woman.Strongly guys like the smell of sweat, unwashed body emanating from the girl.They are against the strong smell of perfume.Everything is good in moderation.

Confidence girls in imagine guys like

all the guys absolutely do not like a girl who is dissatisfied, and even constantly informs the guy.I do not like the boys and girls who are constantly whining, insecure girl.All the guys like those girls who are confident in themselves and a lot of smiles.

highlight as a way to please the guy

Guys love girls, in which there is some zest .Be spontaneous.Be open, but at the same time mysterious.

What character qualities attract men?

men absolutely do not like women who are rude and obscene language.Guys come to the delight of intelligent girls who are well educated, well-read, friendly, have a sense of humor.In addition, they like girls who can support virtually any topic.

guys do not like those girls who talk too much, not letting a guy get a word in.In addition, men are against foolish girls.

Which figure like guys?

It is not necessary to be slim and phone calls, and meet international standards.Good part guys like girls , have curvaceous.

What makeup like guys?

Nothing can spoil the impression Man of the girl as poor quality and bright make-up.A person becomes vulgar features, it becomes unnatural.

Most men favors classic natural makeup .They believe that it is decorated with a woman more than anything.

also no man like selfish girl who will always think only about themselves.Guys love it when she supports, she is trying to help as best they could.

Now, after reading this article, you know, some girls like guys .Therefore, do not pursue global standards and magazine beauties.Try to be fun, smart, stylish , and then you are bound to find love!

wish you happiness and mutual love!

Especially for - Vitalina

April 1, 2014 09:04
According to my personal observations, guys can fall in love with the slender and beautiful, but if a woman has quite a bad temper, if she can not cook, the man makes the brain, then eventually he will find another woman, or will suffer.How good men understand quickly and good women.Of my friends alone those who are either too confuse or with a bad temper.But it is still on the visual appeal should not be forgotten.And men need love and they reciprocate.
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