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How to call a loved one guy?

not only women pleasing sweet words and circulation.Most of the ladies call their beloved "lion", "bunnies" and "sun".But trite names already rather tired.

Calling lover named

Psychologists conducting numerous tests, concluded that most human euphonious word is a proper name .

If your guy does not like any affectionate nickname , you can call it by name, or to consider different variations of his name.

names derived from the names of animals

  • If your young man - hot and explosive, you can try to call it dragon.
  • Another tender is not banal nickname - penguin.But God forbid you to call her lover so well, if he has any problems with gait.Otherwise, it will be regarded as a mockery.
  • Kitty, Bunny - yes, corny, but why not call your favorite way?
  • crocodiles - also an option.

How do I know which treatment like a favorite?

  • To start think, whatever endearment would like your guy .
  • Even if you have no idea about what treatment would be attractive to him, try to ask him about it dire
    ctly.Just choose the right moment.You should not ask him about it in the presence of his friends or parents.
  • Think about whatever you liked endearment.Now change the end to the male gender, and see whether it is euphemistically?
  • not call her boyfriend a word that can be regarded as an insult or rude.

names, compliments to your beloved Man

Here names, compliments , among which you can choose who you will call her boyfriend:

hot, magical, a welcome, tasty, delicious, unique, Drogo, a welcome, a perfect, golden, exclusive, favorite, beautiful, affectionate, gentle, reliable, beloved, incomparable, unique, adorable, sugar, native, sweetie, sunny, brave, intelligent, wonderful, pretty, elegant, wonderful.

How to call a loved one, depending on the situation?

  • If you want to distract her boyfriend from anything, use of some unusual word , which will make your guy aside.
  • If a young person is not self-esteem, call him names such that will help him improve self-esteem .For example, my hero, hero, Hercules.
  • In moments of extreme tenderness, nashepchite in his ear: "Sun".It will be very nice!
  • Remember that most men seem to be the most pleasant such nicknames , as a "favorite" and "cute."In addition, they believe that these affectionate nicknames can be used in a public place where some of the appeals are appropriate only in private.

  • If your guy has a good sense of humor, you can try to call him such gentle words : Busichka, Bagel, Honey, Musik-Pusik, Drakoshka, Feychik, sparrow, Zelibobik, Zlyushka, Darling, Knopik, Elephant.
  • words that can be called the favorite guy , likely to come to mind spontaneously.In a moment of tenderness ...

See also: beautiful words for a loved guy.

How would you not call a loved Man, the most important thing that you both enjoyed it.And let it be trite, but so enjoyable !

Be happy!

Especially for LadySpecial . ru - Vitalina

March 19, 2015 23:03
I call
favorite Kotik or pupsikom, and he gave me a pussy.
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