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Happy couple - Ann and Eugene: "Love - the pain a sick person than your own"

This pair of communicating literally infects everyone with his optimism and positive, they seem made for each other funny and fiery, but in 4 years they had to break up the relationship and make peace again, and now plan a future wedding.About his relationship we told Anna.

Hi, tell us how you met?

Anna : to introduce us our common friend and the love of classical scenario we could not, unfortunately or fortunately.At that time I was on stage, parting with his former fiance and he decided in spite of an affair with his new friend Zhenya.It so happened that the bride with her I broke up, and our fleeting affair with Eugene grew into a relationship and now we have been together for 4 years.

Photographer - Lana Gushina

deciding to live together?

Anna : As such, we do not take a decision, I just became a part of the night in Eugene, sometimes he left some of his belongings and moved slowly toward him.

Are you going to legalize their relationship?

Anna : Yes, recently, Jack made me an

offer and we are planning a wedding in the summer.

agreed without hesitation?

Anna : Yes, agreed immediately, of course, for the 4th year relationship I have often thought about how Jack will look into the role of her husband, and the foolish, in my opinion, to build a serious relationship without further prospects.

you plan the birth of children?

Anna : plan, but not all at once.

For what qualities you loved your partner?

Anna : Hard to say for any quality, but Jack suit me at all.I will not say that it is perfect, but it's the kind of person I was looking for a long time, it has a good balance of humor, firmness and ability to care for a woman, all those qualities which for me is very important in a man.

Were you breaking up?

Anna : The most difficult period we had when we broke up a few months and thought that forever, but we did not survive without each other, and now is not breaking up.

What was the reason for your separation, if not secret?

Anna : It is no secret, just at some point we are tired of the constant bickering, innuendo and claims.I'm hurt that Jack could not lift the phone when I call, leave for a walk with friends, without telling me.And I'm probably too much was required of him at that moment, in general, everything is banal, but constant quarrels kill any feelings after another quarrel we both rested and have decided that enough is enough.Yet then we missed and almost simultaneously began to call, write to each other.As

looking compromise in a relationship?

Anna : In some little things are looking for a compromise with the help of humor, we're both very funny and many try to translate a joke, but if it comes to serious conflicts, just trying something a blind eye, to be tolerant.

How pleased and surprised at each other?

Anna : Jack - a master of surprises, it can suddenly give me a thing about which I had long dreamed of, or suddenly announce that we are going to rest.Recently I was with him in Prague, there is such beauty and feeling as though there broke out again!And I, in turn, try to always show him the most feminine warmth and caring.And of course, every couple should not forget about the sexual side of the relationship, I like, like in this respect always try something new.

What is your love?

Anna : Somewhere read this definition of love - is when the pain a sick person than your own, in my opinion, this expression clearly reflects the essence of love.

your advice to readers «»?

Anna : Do not try to build your relationship on common rules often turn out happy couples in unpredictable ways!

Especially for - Natella

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