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How to please her lover?

When we love, we want to please your loved one.Reasons abound to please her lover - this is February 23 and his birthday and Valentine's Day and the anniversary of your wedding.In short - there is a will and a reason to rejoice always there.But way to cheer up loved ?

  • As banal as it may sound, but it arrange erotic (not to be confused with romantic!) dinner .What is so different from a romantic dinner?The fact that the basic attributes of erotic dinner - food aphrodisiacs.That is, those who are able to arouse sexual desire.Is focusing on vegetable salads, herbs (especially parsley, seafood).

  • Make favorite relaxing massage with essential oils.To do this you will need a melody, but not music.Excellent fit the sounds of nature - the noise of the forest, the birds singing, the sound of the sea.In addition, please be a good oil massage.
  • to smile to the man.Do you think that your smile is impossible to please him?You are very wrong!Most smiled at him and see the effect.
  • your man likes to sit for
    hours with a fishing rod on the shore? to please him, go fishing with him .Just do not talk too loud, and do not try to divert his attention from the float.Otherwise, you will not gladden him.

  • Surprise your favorite men have!Bring him breakfast in bed!It is said that this is a purely male domain - wear to bed breakfasts.But who said that a woman can not please her man in the same way?
  • Run a little with him in the morning, if he follows the health!
  • Write and send your favorite a letter on the subject : «Why are you the best and favorite!".This letter does not leave anyone indifferent man.If you have the opportunity to better send a letter by regular mail, let it be written by hand.

If you want to please your man with something more tangible , but perhaps you might be interested in the following items.

  • can be purchased for the beloved gift certificate.Now, this service is not new, it offers almost every self-respecting organization.The gift certificate can be in auto shop, Sportmarket or in the perfume store.Or maybe you want to give him a certificate from the store, "Everything for fishing."The choice is wide.

  • Bake him a beautiful cake.Men seldom admit it, but in fact, they are big sweet tooth!Therefore, the cake, and even an unusual shape, it will be for him a real reason to rejoice!
  • If your favorite man - collector , the best reason to rejoice for it will serve as one more thing in his collection.Try to find a rare thing, but not the one you can buy in the normal stall.He would appreciate it!
  • If you know how to knit, a real gift is when you tie for favorite warm winter sweater !And how it will be warm in the winter!Wearing it, it will always remember you!
  • If your beloved is a true connoisseur of luxury "status" of things, give him a bottle of premium alcohol, an expensive cigarette case or a nice lighter.Such things will not leave anyone indifferent man!
  • Give him a camera, and then you will have another reason to go with a walk in the park!

And if you want to please your man, so much so that he was very surprised, let him go with friends to the bath or go fishing.Believe me, he really appreciate your act.It's not just rejoice him, he will understand that it is not wrong when you chose a life partner!

be loved!

Especially for LadySpecial . ru - Vitalina

February 2, 2014 21:02
Personally, my husband happy when I told him arrange discharge day.Not in terms of power, and in terms of free time.We're leaving with the child to his mother, and he is home alone and can take a break from constant crying baby, my claims to stay in silence.Such a joy for those who need it and who trust each other.
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