Relationship // He and she

Happy couple - Mr. and Daria: "Appreciate your soulmate, fate rarely gives a second chance"

Hi, tell us how you met?

Anatoly: I first saw Daria at work and at the moment is almost broke up with his ex-girlfriend, but still did not want to rush a new relationship.Although Daria I immediately liked, we often went for a walk after work and quickly found a common language.

Daria : I almost immediately fell in love with the Shred, at least once, and give the mind a long time and was in uncertainty about his intentions, but he is not one of those guys who wear masks or play with them easily, sowe're both after a while began to realize that our mutual admiration grew into something more.

What are your plans for further joint?

Anatoly : We are already living together for about a year, have full confidence and love each other, so I decided that it is not necessary to pull and did Darya offer.Soon we wedding.

often do you quarrel?

Daria : we rarely quarrel, and if we quarrel, the small things, big fights have not yet been.I think everyone should learn to solve problems with

out shouting and quarreling, always much more constructive to just sit down and talk.

Did you ever have hard times and how to deal with them?

Anatoly : I can not say that they were very difficult times, but then I had a little work-and this time, Dasha has always supported me and cheered, then Dasha had some difficulty with their studies and family andI tried to give her objective advice.

How surprised and pleased with each other?

Anatoly and Daria : In his spare time is constantly somewhere to go out for a walk, and choose a place that will be interesting to both.For example, we love to go to cinema and theater, summer at barbecues.This helps to escape from the routine in a relationship, well, so sometimes make each other pleasant things, such as a light compliment from a loved one improves mood.

- Is there in your relationship jealousy?If so, how do you cope with it?

Anatoly : No, I can not call myself a jealous person, if there is a reason for this, he is able to porevnuyu, but I'm sure in Dasha, so why waste your and her nerves.

Daria : Like any girl, I sometimes creep into notes of jealousy, but then I analyze and decide that itself has wound.

What is your love?

Daria : Love - is when you are ready to give all her care and attention to your loved one, when even if you are not together, mentally you are always with him.

your advice to readers «»?

Daria : Love and appreciate his mate, so you do not regret the fact that it lost the fate rarely gives a second chance.

Especially for - Natella