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How do you know that the man you love?

Sometimes it happens that a woman begins to doubt that her man loves her.Some people think that men just do not know how to show their feelings.Others believe that it masks the fact that the man fell out of love.But do not forget, men really hard to understand, because women are more emotional creatures. How to figure out whether a man loves, which is next?

There are some signs , who, without a word, say, that the man you love recklessly .

Signs that a man loves

  • If your man really loves you , you will always and under all circumstances feel close to him loved, desired and protected .
  • If you loved your man, he will be happy with you .He will be in a good mood (except for those situations when he had any trouble), he will smile.

  • loving man always listens carefully beloved , is pleased to support her talk on any topic.
  • If your man really loves you, he cares about you, helps you to solve your problems , not being an interested party.
  • loving man says favorite compliments , it has all sorts of favors.
  • If a man loves , he always carefully listen to your favorite view on this or that issue.It will not interrupt her attempt to argue with her, even before the moment she expressed her thoughts to the end.
  • If your man loves you, he will, indeed, interested to know about your business. He will not ask general questions: "How are you?".It specifies the phrase: "How are things at work?", "How are things at the institute?".
  • loving man respects your interests .Even if they do not fall within the scope of his interests.He's not trying to make fun of your attempts to learn how to dance rumba, or embroider a cross pattern.
  • When a man really likes, he will not wait for you to call him.It will look very meeting you , the first will call and invite to date.
  • If a man really loves you, he will definitely will introduce you to their friends.Be sure to introduce you to my parents. way, pay special attention to the capacity in which he will present you with their parents.It means a lot!
  • loving man in most cases, says "we."The pronoun "I" out of his mouth sounds less and less.

  • If a man loves you , he, speaking of the future will include you in this future.If you are in his future plans - he loves you.
  • When a Man Loves , he would never dare to humiliate you.Even when you are alone.And especially when you're in the company of friends or relatives.
  • When a man loves a woman, he wants her to bore him a child .Maybe in the future.
  • loving man is always the victim and sacrifice their interests , for the sake of your own.
  • the man who loves, forgives his beloved its shortcomings .He does not try to alter her appearance, character, habits and hobbies.He loves it for what it is.
  • When a man really loves, he always summon a woman married .It may not happen immediately, but it will happen.He just wants to consolidate the "right" to this woman.
  • loving man trying spend as much time with his girlfriend. Even with total load at work for the beloved always have time, at least for the call.
  • When a man loves a woman he loves give her gifts .They need not be expensive.It may be cute heart trifle, but given from the heart.
  • man who loves, would never flirt with other women, especially in the presence of its second half.
  • loving his woman a man will never blackmail her with phrases like: "If you love me, you'll do so-and-so."Love is not the smell.
  • When a man really loves a woman, he never, under any circumstances, it will not change!Whatever may be said about "another time" or about the virtues of group sex, the truth is and will be one - love, then do not change.
  • Having sex with a woman who loves a man, first of all, is to think about, how to please a woman .And then think about yourself.
  • loving man does everything to please your parents.

  • man who likes to always listen to your opinion , even if it is fundamentally the same as his opinion.He first listen and then try to challenge the arguments, if he feels that you are wrong.
  • When a man really likes, he will speak compliments his woman not only to sex, but also after it.
  • man who loves a woman , always jealous of her.Now it is not about the aggressive jealousy, break everything in its path, but the light of jealousy when you greet a man who is not familiar to him.

Think about each item in this article.You may find that a man meets all these points, too perfect, and this does not exist in nature.In fact, if your man is not corresponds most items , outlined in this article, there is an occasion to reflect.We hope that next to you is the one perfect man. And you read an article once again to make it!

Mutual love you!

Especially for - Vitalina

November 30, 2013 22:11
In his youth, often we ourselves invent the man secretly loves us, but most of these speculations are groundless.Even the most timid man to denounce that which he is interested, information about their feelings, can not he, my sister told me about a friend of his classmate's love.But anyway, if a man loves, he will manifest themselves.In all other cases, it is better not to strain.
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