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What men value women?

Someone says that for men in the first place among female qualities is beauty, someone claims that they value kindness, and for someone important softness and femininity.But what men really value in women? because women have a certain idea of ​​the perfect man - he must be a reliable, caring, faithful, and so hence and men have in mind a certain image of a woman that they would like to see next to each other.

it now goes on when a man treats a woman for serious relationship and not looking for easy relations, in the latter case the man will be enough, if his fiancee will be pleasant in appearance and uninhibited in bed, but if he wants to link their fate with the woman,respectively, and the requirements it will bring more.

Values ​​men at different ages

Before you define the basic requirements, you should make a small amendment, that much depends on the age of the man.In aged 18-25 years man has not really think about starting a family, and he was more attracted to the relationship without any

commitment, much more he thinks about how he stand up and make a good career.Therefore, the women he subconsciously seeks outwardly frivolous with beautiful looks and seductive forms, while it is not so important internal content.At such a young age in men blood boils, and I want to win as many charming ladies.

age of 30 or later, we all a little differently in men there is a need in the family and long lasting relationship. Appearance is certainly important, but a beautiful shell it will not will draw, man assesses a woman as a potential mother of their children and homemakers, and if this role is not suitable, it can flirt with her all you want, but nothingnot a serious offer.Also men of this age appreciate the wisdom and experience of a woman , which sometimes so lacking in young girls.

men over 40 want their relationship understanding and harmony reigned, woman could understand it perfectly, and took care of him at the right moment.

qualities that men value women, regardless of age


sexually attracted to men like a magnet, but is meant here is not the usual meaning of the word, and the internal state - congenital or acquired.True sexuality is expressed not in a scarlet lipstick, heavily made-up eyes and a short skirt, and that comes from within.

Each of the men sitting hunter instinct, and when he catches a woman in a large stock of sexuality, he soon becomes automatic interesting woman and it's not just sexual desire - a deeper interest. how to develop a sexuality?First of all, it is the presence of self-confidence, plastic, in every movement and gesture. Practice in the mirror as you look from the side, sharpen their gait.Observe how often do you smile, or walk with a sullen look on his face?

not perfect appearance woman smiling and friendly but will attract a lot more attention than ever dissatisfied with something and arrogant beauty.

inner sexuality does not mean the absence of foreign well-groomed and attractive. Most men said they would like to see next to him even if not beautiful, but a woman who is able to emphasize all its advantages, is always a neat makeup, styled hair clean, can reconcile things. Another important detail which pay attention to men - manicures and pedicures.Optionally, run do nail or paint them in bright colors, simply follow the neatness of their nails.


men, as is customary to think, not ignoble beings and looking for a companion, which is interesting to talk and argue on sensitive issues.And important for a man is to have education in the woman, especially if he has a university - it suggests that such a woman has a definite purpose in life and not only rely on a man. Men appreciate women, when a woman is not to fixate on any one thing, but developing it is interested in everything new.

concept of "intelligence" - quite extensive and it includes the ability not to be arrogant and to go ahead and in any situation to behave like a real woman .Recently, very often you can meet women who behave in a very strange way - rude, swear and provoke the response to his same attitude.As a result, they are either left alone or are weaker than men themselves because any real man does not need a woman.


Any man will tell you that for a serious relationship, he wants to find a woman who would differ loyalty and devotion. your choice may not suit you any checks on loyalty, and you think that if he does not care with whom and where you spend your free time.But in fact, he just passively observes and draws conclusions, especially men, are looking at the woman in the beginning of a relationship.If they see that a woman is frivolous, handing out their phone men and openly flirts with them, he decided that a special loyalty to you is no different.

love and care

men, though it is hidden, but love it when a woman can openly express their love for him, to take care in his direction.

In any relationship there are demonstrations are times when even the most successful man can show his weakness or worry about a black band in my life, and here it is very important female support.Also, men do not like women cold emotionally, but instead dream of a gentle and affectionate companion.

As you can see, appearance is important, but it's not all that men appreciate women, so do not just stop at one point, and to develop in many directions, and then you can lure any man in your network!Sometimes, women themselves are often mistaken in men and it interferes with relationships, so read the article "Misconceptions women about men."

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