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Marriage Italian Style

Undoubtedly, the wedding is one of the most important events in human life.I wish that this day memorable for a lifetime, so it was an extraordinary and best in life. Many people want to retreat from the usual canons and celebrate their triumph in the style of other countries and peoples.For example, to arrange a wedding, styled as an Italian.

Preparing for a wedding in Italian

Wedding in Italy is quite a long process.Young man courting a girl, according to tradition, singing a song under her windows, she loves the most.As a sign of his favor she should give him a flower.In Italy, the marriage contract made with the consent and agreement of both families, however, if it has not been achieved, the groom has the right to steal his bride (of course, with her consent).

in this country is of great importance matchmaking. It represents some formal negotiations, which concern, of course, weddings.If it was possible to agree, appointed directly by the date of the wedding and betrothal, dowry under

discussion.Last - an incredibly important process.First, the discussion is conducted in words, then fixed legally.All the items that make up the dowry lists specially compiled list.

engagement process takes place in the bride's home.By the onset of the triumph of the house thoroughly cleaned and decorated.The groom is not allowed in the house as long as his family and relatives of the bride shall settle all matters relating to marriage.Once agreement is reached, the house allowed the musicians who create an atmosphere of cheerful holiday. Italians, who are known for their optimism and love of life, celebrate a wedding in grand style, with songs and dances.

bride and groom traditionally do not have to be alone after the ceremony to the betrothal ceremony. Three weeks before the wedding ceremony, the priest announces this event every Sunday.A week before the wedding trousseau is transported into the house of the groom.

Italian wedding ceremony

Here comes the most important day - the day of the wedding ceremony .Girlfriends preparing bride in the morning.According to legend those girls that help the bride in the collections themselves will soon be married .At the wedding Italians traditionally considered the red and green colors, but most big role still white.

bride says goodbye to a home and together with her fiance and relatives went to the church where the wedding is waiting for newlyweds - a very important and beautiful ceremony.When the new husband and wife go out of the church, the guests showered them with coins, beans and candy, wishing thereby sweet and comfortable life together.

After that, all sent to the groom's house, where the newlyweds met in-law, who also sprinkle them beans. groom must pay the bride's house on his hands, so that it touched the threshold.

Wedding signs Italians

Italians have a lot of weddings take.For example, to ward off from his family of evil spirits, the groom has to keep in his pocket a piece of iron, and the bride is sure to wear a veil over her face.By the way, accidentally torn veil is a good sign.But to wear gold to exchange rings with the groom to the bride was considered a bad sign.

Toward the end of the feast the bride and groom were supposed to break the glass.As far as he smashed fragments, so many years they will live in happiness and harmony.Also, this ritual was used to guests.They were asked to break anything from dishes. number of fragments meant the amount of happiness that guest wishes to the young couple.

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the happiest day for Italians consider wedding Sunday. If your wedding is scheduled for that day of the week, why not make it a national flavor of this wonderful country?Your wedding will be happy!

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