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Tiaras for the Bride

's hard to imagine, but many years ago tiara was not a women's jewelry and men, and wore it as a crown.In fact, a crown and tiara - two of the same thing, but that's diadem were mostly priests in ancient Rome, rulers in Asia and the Jewish priests.And the word "tiara" originated in ancient Greece, where the so-called bandages priests of ancient Greece.

Tiaras adorn on the minds of many of the ancient Greek gods, most often it can be seen on the goddess Hera.It is often presented in a long white dress with a diadem or wreath on his head that looked very regal. Gera patronized marriage and a woman's happiness, and perhaps precisely because of this there was a tradition of brides wearing tiaras wedding day , since Greek mythology has had a profound impact on our culture and traditions.In ancient Rome, the tiara was a symbol of high-class, exclusivity and power, were it only by men.Often decorated with expensive jewelry tiara.But if we talk about today, it is used as a tiara detail in the wedding ceremony.

Slavic peoples have long been used for the wedding ceremony a wreath of laurel branches, hops and wild grapes.And later in the Orthodox churches were decorated with metal head bridal tiaras with precious stones.Gradually, the traditional costume and a wreath of the bride became displaced white wedding dress and tiara. custom impose on the head during a wedding tiara was borrowed from Venice, in the 5th century.

assortment of tiaras for brides

What is now the most popular tiaras for brides? If you have the financial capacity, you can purchase a tiara with stones and precious metals, but also artificial tiaras could not look less beautiful.

sale tiaras are different shapes - a diadem in the form of the rim, in the form of a crown and half crown, crest, or a thin hoop crown with natural or artificial stone.Styles in the manufacture of crowns mostly borrowed from past eras - is the Empire style, decorations in the shape of butterflies and feathers, as well as patterns of Baroque style.

Tiara can be worn with the same confidence as the girls with long and short hair, as a diadem in any case will give your image of sophistication and elegance.

Now the choice is very huge and crowns it all depends on your desires and material possibilities.There are very bright and majestic tiara decorated with a variety of stones, and we can confine ourselves humble and simple, but no less beautiful tiara.

choosing a tiara for the bride, it is important to pay attention to how it is combined with a wedding dress, although almost all tiara combined with a lot of dresses, but if your wedding dress is decorated with stones, they should be combined with the stones on the diadem.

Another important requirement when choosing a wedding tiaras - it should ideally be located on the head, do not fall down and crawl to the side, at the same time not be very tight and sit at ease, because the bride during the wedding have to go through a lot of pointswhen the tiara may become unstable, such as incendiary wedding dance.

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Who does not fit wedding tiara?

  • Tiara brides do not choose too curvaceous and young women of small stature, but tiara can safely choose as a slender woman of medium height, lean and tall women.
  • If we talk about the type of person that ladies with a round face will be to face high tiaras , which will visually pull and lift their face with their sharp shapes.Owners of small and delicate facial features should give preference to a small tiara, since large tiaras can distract the attention from the bride's face.Tiara uniform shape and thickness of the medium should be selected girls with rectangular or oblong face shape.
  • Remember that diadem - a rather bright and conspicuous element, that should not be overburdened by various pins and ornaments for hair.

Feel like a tiara on her wedding day a princess, and others will only marvel at your beauty and grace!

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