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How to prepare for the wedding?

Wedding - important step.Divine marriage takes place once and for all life. In today's world the wedding - not a rarity.However, how often are couples, so often they fall.So hurry to the wedding is not necessary.

assigning a wedding on the day of registration of marriage in the registry office, we combine the two events in one.But often this is not true.World Russian human arranged so that, if spent, so to complete, if the walk, so walk.Therefore, it appears that after the marriage, the couple are going to marry, and then celebrate.But we all know what are our holidays.But this first day of marriage, blessed by God.

spiritual preparation for the wedding

  • to the wedding to prepare myself first of all, morally.Well, if you've tried to stick to the Christian life: go to church, you know the prayer, observe fasting and so on. N. However, if it is not, in any case, before the wedding, you should resort to this.
  • First of all, Wedding allowed to baptized spouses .If one of them is not baptized,
    you should pass this rite.After baptism followed inchurching .One of the spouses need at least a little familiar with the basics of the Christian religion, the basics of the Christian life.
  • before the wedding be sure to confess his sins and communion. nesveduyuschih to these questions people can ask for help to the Orthodox books (available at the church benches) as well as the priest.

  • Every Orthodox Christian should have a spiritual guide.Typically, people in the church to which they go, choose a spiritual mentor .He usually confess you and communion.He may marry spouses.The only rule - a priest, crowning the spouses should not be under the canonical prohibition, or who gave monastic vows.
  • Before Communion is necessary three-day fast for unchurched people or recently baptized, it is desirable to observe a weekly post.For information on how to fast, you can ask the ministers of the church or read in books.

select a date for the wedding

Well, if the date of your wedding, you can assign to your wedding anniversary.Not all the days you can get married, there are some limitations. You can not make wedding ceremony during any post, at Christmas, at Easter week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, as well as some holidays and days before holidays .

buy everything you need for a wedding

bride and groom can wear those outfits in which they played the wedding .White symbolizes the bride's purity and chastity.Therefore, a few days before the wedding need to give up the marriage relationship.Head and shoulders of the bride should be covered with a white scarf or veil.

for weddings need to purchase wedding rings (silver is used more often, but you can and gold), wedding candles and four handkerchief for them, clean white towel, as well as the icon of Christ the Saviour and the Virgin Mary. wedding Ready kits can be purchased in the church shop .

invite guests and do a photo and video memory

In Russian tradition, the couple should be witnesses (groomsmen).When they hold the wedding ceremony crowns on the heads of the couple.It is best if both are men, because as a woman for a long time is difficult to keep a heavy crown. Schafer must necessarily be baptized .Relatives and friends are present in the church at the wedding.But photography and filming is allowed not in all the churches.However, it is difficult to deny yourself the memory on the video and photos.Therefore, this issue must be agreed in advance with the priest.For video, choose a professional in their field.

Duration wedding usually takes about an hour.After the wedding, it is desirable to go home and sit at the festive table with those who attended the ceremony.

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