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What to give a guy a year relationship?

Most girls scratching their heads over the question of what to give her boyfriend a year relationship, because this gift will directly affect the relation of women to the guy.It is possible that a year after meeting, you still insufficiently studied the tastes and preferences of the guy.So what to give to the first anniversary of the relationship to become a memorable gift?

What can you give for the year against a guy?

  • exotic dish, or a dish of prescription his mother .If you decide to cook an exotic dish, internet with you!Just great if among your acquaintances there cook an exotic restaurant.Favorite dish my mother's recipe, you can accurately find him.For example, you might say: "But I'm a child my mother loved borscht.She did it this way and that.What do you loved as a child? ".Did you hear the detailed story of how my mother would bake cheesecake.If the recipe will not appear, try gently to find out his future mother-in.But just so that it does not guess why you need it.Otherwise, the surpris
    e could be derailed.
  • Present your own hands .If you feel the talent, you can please a loved bagatelle own making.Think about whether you can do a thing so carefully, so it can be safely put on the street, or put the guests for all to see.

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What to give a guy a year relationship?

  • Photofilm .This service is now offering a lot of companies.You almost do not have to do.Only give as much as possible with your favorite photos, favorite song, and pay for the service.If you have a way with a computer and software knowledge goes beyond office applications, you may well be able to make a film on their own.One evening - and a beautiful romantic photo film ready.
  • Extreme gift.If your loved one likes to dangerous games and adventure, it makes sense to give him an extreme gift, for example, skydive .If he likes it, he will appreciate your gift is appreciated.
  • Frank dance .If your figure allows, you can give your loved dance.It will not leave anyone indifferent man.

If you consider the other hand, the relationship for a year gift can be more moral than material.First, are you sure that you prepared the return gift?Secondly, how do you think it even remembers your favorite on the date of your acquaintance?If you're determined to give a gift to a year relationship, move on to the next item on the article.

How do I know that the guy wants to get a gift for a year relationship?

There are several ways to do this without asking a direct question.

  • Suggest guy dream about the future .Not only about your future together, and about the plans for life in general.Ask where he wanted to work in any house or apartment living.You might ask something else.If a guy is ready to answer your questions and to dream, listen carefully to him.Perhaps because of his dreams, you select the desired information for themselves.

gift guy on the anniversary

  • Quite simply know what gift wants to get a guy if he has a hobby, or something he collects.If you find rare thing for his collection , you deserve the gratitude and the sea ocean of sweet kisses.
  • Another way to find out what I would like to receive a free man.Carefully look around in his room.What is it prevails?Books?Movies?Music CDs?If you saw him on the table all the music collection of the singer, buy him his new album or concert ticket in the nearest town.

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When you found the same gift for a loved one year relationship, do not give it banal.After all, how you present a gift, too, it depends on many things.Arrange a surprise.Until the very last moment, pretend that you do not remember the date of your anniversary, and did not prepare a gift.

Good luck and a good choice!

September 14, 2013 10:09
year later, relations are still strong feelings,therefore do not necessarily listen to the wishes of domestic partners, such as "give me the knife cool" or "Give me a pair of pajamas," you can still posumasbrodnichat, a romantic trip to the cinema, cook a delicious dinner break and go to another town to see someAttractions.Romance rules!
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