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Happy couple - Andrew and Anya

The family of translators Makarov to love and relationships philosophical approach.The head of the family, Andrew, I'm sure: any adversity can be overcome and survive, the main thing - to be together, to be close to a loved one!

Tell us where and how did you meet?

Andrew : We met at a coffee shop, it was such a small place, just 2 to 5 meters!We were introduced by a mutual friend, who was then the lover of my future wife.After meeting with Anna we are having mutual sympathy, and then we started dating.A friend who, apparently offended by me because he once since then and to this day does not communicate with me ... (Laughs).

How long have you been together?(Dating from the day, as occurred before the wedding or conscientious residence)

Andrew : 4 years and 9 months, know, 4 years and 7 months have passed since the first kiss, 4 years of living together, married for 2 years.

How did you know you wanted to be together?(Why did you choose this person? What was the key?)

Andrew : Do not even know ... At some point, it's just a matter of understanding that this is the same man with whom I will live.And the time was not.And confidence in the proper selection came when went and chose the future of housing among the poor rented apartments.

quarreled Have you ever, and there came to the parting?

Andrew : quarrels, and it is very scary, very seriously, with severe tantrums.But before parting had not reached.

Do you have a secret reconciliation?
Andrew : (Thought).In general, most of it turns out that I am going to meet my wife in a quarrel.I just hard enough and strong man, and my wife is creating sophisticated, so you need at some point to stop and ask for forgiveness.The farther, the better you know when that moment comes.His wife then everyone will understand and she will come and repent.(Smiles)

Have you had a hard time in life and how you overcame them together?

Andrew : There were more than once.There were moments associated with the health of his wife (something like get).I really want to have my wife it was all good health, so I strongly support her mentally and physically.There are sometimes difficult times and psychologically, when you work and you do not see the end in sight, and no gaps in life.The main thing - always keep each other.And most importantly, actually do the main thing - it's the end of the day snuggle up to each other, though not overnight, but at least ten minutes before going to bed - and heaviness in the head as a hand shoots!

This allows you to save the relationship so far?

Andrew : Probably the fact that, in addition to love, our relations have a complete coincidence "of physics and poetry" that is, we are very close to the physical and spiritual sense.Plus, we have full confidence in each other, trying anything to each other is not restricted.

Was there jealousy in your relationship, and if so, how do you cope with it?

Andrew : In our relationship jealousy takes a humorous position.A serious jealousy never had.

Was there a passion?And whether it is still in your relationship?
Andrew : We swam in the sea of ​​passion and continue to swim.Although, of course, in the first year of the relationship still this passion was more.We are a factory from the view of each other.Now we have a little bit different live, so to speak, got used.But if we happen tides of passion, then it really grabs - so exciting!

What is your love?

Andrew : What is happening between us with Anya.And what have to happen to anyone.This is the first thing that came to mind.And if you think about ... It's a great feeling, it pervades the entire world.It is a pity that the world does not use it in practice.In general, many people are afraid to love, love ... And maybe, just do not know how to love.

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