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How to cope with jealousy and cease to be jealous of the past?

Of course, being in a relationship with a man, you realize that you had not first.Before you clear someone was.You ever think about it, compare.The worst thing - when the comparison is not in your favor.What to do?How to cope with them?

What not to do when there is jealousy?

On the one hand, it may seem like not to think about it too, especially not to compare - it is simply impossible.But instead of the expected relief, it brings only pain and agony of jealousy. In addition, it can bring to a quarrel with a loved one.In addition, jealousy insanely annoying men.

  • No need to constantly tell him that, how much you are jealous of his ex-girlfriend to , his past relationships.And especially do not have to ask him about it!Otherwise, you'll get just that, with your help, it will remember it more often.And think about it, even when you do not ask him about anything!And why?

  • Some girls to cope with jealousy , trying to be like his ex-girlfriend.That's just not clear - why?After all, he is no lo
    nger in a relationship with her - and with you.So you better, nicer and kinder.And becoming like her - will lose a loved one, as once it is lost.
  • Do not let the past ruin your present and future!The past is not going anywhere.It will remain in the past.Besides, after all you have in the past had a relationship!

How to stop be jealous of the past?

  • First, accept the fact that in the world, millions of girls.And among them there is always one that prettier, smarter or more successful.And there's nothing you can do about it.But among the millions each - their own destiny.And that to which you are jealous her man , not with him.So she was not the person with whom he wanted to spend their lives together.So - you're the best!
  • your man next - not just to be.And for a reason!Ask him, he is in you like best and see how it starts to list!
  • accept the fact that the past - it is an experience.Still great, in fact, that you got a man who knows how to do something that you liked it.And it would not be in his past relationships - would not know.
  • Do not stand on the spot!Grow, change, grow on you!You have to like yourself first!
  • Answer yourself honestly to the question: "Do I have a doubt that my man loves me?" Most likely, you have to admit that there is no doubt!Then do not torment him with his jealousy and suspicion!

  • If you think you need to talk, do not pour the bucket at him.To do this, we have a friend who will listen, and then scatter doubt like smoke.Girlfriend visible from the side, so that - trust her!
  • Think about the reasons you become jealous of his past .Perhaps it was because he gives you less time than we would like?Then tell him that you do not grabs his attention. probably jealousy on this and over.
  • no need to engage in a search of pockets and hire a private investigator to ensure that the favorite does not want to go back to the past.Learn to trust.It is not necessary to arrange testing.
  • Make your rooming really interesting!Let your leisure program will be rich and interesting.Then it once and will remember the past.But he will not try, most likely.
  • Maybe your jealousy appeared motivated by low self-esteem?Maybe you feel that you have recovered and lost her looks?So what's the deal?Sign up for a good hair salon.Make a haircut, refresh hair color, go for a manicure.Treat yourself to shopping, sign up for fitness!And the trick is done!You beauty!How can you look at someone else when a girl next?

wish you happiness and mutual love without jealousy!

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