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A romantic story - Alena and Dmitry

Sometimes your significant other for a long time wandering around the world and is looking for you among thousands of faces and voices.But it also happens that the relatives of the soul occur in childhood or adolescence, in order not to leave ever.It happened Alena Dmitry.

Says Alain.

Children love

«It all began back in 2001 when I and my best friend at the time was 9 years old.We walked, and she brought me into his yard - it all started from there.There we met three boys, one of whom was my Dima.In him, I fell in love at first sight, but it was, of course, is children's love, he really did not pay attention to me, was a shy, modest, and I was brisk and very much like what he would have noticed me.Therefore, we have to come to the yard every day.A little later, he certainly paid attention to me.But somehow it all stopped quickly, I have a new circle of friends, I have ceased to appear in the court, and then completely disappeared.So it took 5-6 years, I graduated from Grade 9 and was admi

tted to the first year of college.A lot has happened in that time, and I had forgotten about those childish and naive attitude and hope. "

new meeting

«But one days of November, I went somewhere on business, and in that moment he was passing by and saw me, he remembered.In the evening, I was going to meet a friend, but then suddenly the phone rang, I picked it up and, of course, just did not recognize him, because after so many years.We talked and he offered to meet ... I, of course, gladly accepted, even forgetting about the meeting with her best friend.We are both worried, worried and did not know what to talk about, but I tried to hold on and not to show his excitement, he-too.We talked about that, about this, remembered his childhood, laughed, and then he started asking questions about my personal life, if I have one.I said that I was free.Then he offered his candidacy, I said I'd think about tomorrow, but was willing to give an answer immediately.All morning I was looking forward to his call, and voila!He called and asked again if I would meet with him, I agreed.We arrange a meeting for the evening.And all began to turn, every day he was taking me to school, and then we spent the evening together.At first, no one knew that everything would be so serious.After a year and a half, we introduced each other roditelyami- is, of course, was a very exciting time.When I came to visit them for the first time, his mother said that before the girls in our house never had all this for a reason.A little later, like any other, I began to think about the wedding, but we both knew that even very early, I have learned, and we had nowhere to live and no matter what.He took care of me like a gentleman wanted to make me a nice gift to reduce cinema, cafes, but at that time he did not have such a possibility, but for me, every detail has been very rewarding.So we celebrate every year on November 18 - the day of our meeting, it is for us one the most important holidays of the year ".


" So passed 4 years, I graduated from college, tried to start working on this point, he went into business, and I was involved later.All we have is fine, it is nearing the wedding, all native already know this, but a formal proposal has been received from him.And December 31, 2011 when Mr. clock struck 12, he got an official statement, saying: "Everyone knows that we Alyona love each other and meet more than a year, so appealing to parents, I want to ask for your daughter's hand."All froze for a moment, all was a shock from a surprise.Parents have blessed us, then he turned to me and said- you marry me, and put a ring.I was shaking all inside!Do not shiver, and elephants running through the body.Now ahead of us pleasant chores, preparing for the wedding.I hope that all goes well.This man has made my life a fairy tale, and I was the happiest girl on earth !!! "

Especially for LadySpecial -Elena

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