Relationship // He and she

If there is a fantasy about a friend, then I fell out of love?

It often happens that, being in a relationship with a man, you know that there is no past romance, awe.To all this mixed with even the thought of a very different man.Does this mean that your man you do not love?

  • First, let's define, do you think about a particular man , or just a way of thinking takes?Perhaps you imagine a stranger who attracts the eye.Such thoughts are visited by a large number of women.There is nothing wrong and threatened your relationship with your beloved.

  • But it is another option - thought about quite a particular person - neighbors on the porch, a colleague from work.The main thing in this situation - do not feel guilty.Perhaps, in your relationship with a man, something went wrong, was to go wrong as before.Try to understand what it could be.After working on the solution to this problem, you'll understand more.
  • It is likely that relationship with your man simply moved to the next stage .But otherwise, any relationship should be developed, they can not stand sti
    ll.Of course, can not miss the old look that before goosebumps.No trembling waiting for a call from him.But that's okay, and it does not mean that you no longer love .Just your relationship became more serious, stable and calm.And it's not bad.
  • Try to talk with your loved ones and say that you are missing romance or sensuality.It is likely that after that your thoughts about the other will come to naught.
  • Another option, why would it be that your thoughts - about the other, uh if it wanted new experiences.After you have studied her man through and through.He became predictable and therefore seems uninteresting.But a new sense of possibility and a long-time partner. Just a change of scenery .Depending on your preferences and financial capabilities, you can go to relax - at any resort in the village to admire the pristine nature, or hiking with tents.You choose.
  • M ysli of another man may arise if you are with your man in a quarrel.Of course, when there was a quarrel, for example, on the grounds that he was not paying any attention to you, as you saw on the street a neighbor who walks arm in arm with his wife, you can start thinking about the neighbor as a beautiful man.But before your mind will grow into something more, try to discuss a quarrel with her man.Do not argue with him.And do not bring anyone in the example.Just explain what you would like to get from him.Perhaps on this issue and will be exhausted!

And finally, ask yourself a few questions , which will help to compare the two men - the one with whom you are in a relationship, and that which you think.

  1. with any of them, I want to spend my whole life?
  2. With whom I would like to meet your old age?
  3. from anyone of them, I would like to have children, and then together to educate them?
  4. Exactly what keeps me in a relationship with my man?
  5. why I have not gone to the man, which I think?
  6. What happens if one of these men ever disappear from my life?

When you are in a quiet environment and completely honestly answer yourself these questions, you will realize who you really love.

Love and be loved!

Especially for LadySpecial .ru - Vitalina