Relationship // He and she

Romance at a distance

Do you have a favorite person.You love each other, and, like, everything is fine, but!Your relationships occur at a distance .How not to go crazy with the separation?How to calm yourself?Let's look at the various options.If

favorite - Army

Of course, it's hard - wait a guy from the army.Sometimes ideas come to mind to give up and go have fun.You torture yourself with doubts, and you need it at all?Or is he with you only because being in the army, I want to write, and you waited?

In fact, it is even harder than you.It hurts all the same questions as you.He is jealous, because you - not for "barbed wire".In addition, he experienced stress.He was taken from the parental home is not clear where.He does not know what kind of people he met and what troubles may wait for him.Therefore, it is doubly difficult.

  • Despite all the difficulties, the army - great way to test your senses .So whether they are strong in fact, it seemed when you were together.Especially now go into the army only twelve month
    s.Before the girls were waiting for two years, and before twenty-five years!So, you're lucky!
  • No offense to him, when he starts to harass you suspicions .It can be understood - he is afraid of losing you.Just to cheer him up and tell him that he's the best in the world!
  • Engage in active sports.So you channel the energy into its peaceful course.And there will be no power to ensure that cry for hours, looking at the pictures.Furthermore, for the coming of a loved one from the army, you show it has become an ideal figure.
  • If you do not like sports, take all of your time studying.Tighten the "tails" in the institution.Previously, there was this much time, right?You can learn a foreign language or terminate any interesting courses.This is not only useful.Imagine, comes a young man from the army , and you confess her love for him in French!This will dispel any remaining suspicions about what you were doing at the time, as were waiting for him.
  • sure to write it!Write as often as possible!The fact that it does not meet as often as we would like - does not mean that he is cold.He really busy.After all, he was not at the resort!He remembers for you and always thinking.Just do not always have the opportunity to write.Write to him you, show that it is important for you!
  • when he wants to go with her friends to the movies or to a disco, do not blame yourself.This is normal.You can not spend a year in seclusion, depriving themselves of simple human joys.You can and relax.But wisely!
  • Do not despair!All eventually finishes.And love will certainly be back.Just be patient!

guy leaves to study in another city

In fact, in this situation, wait for the guy and believe that he's loyal to you, very hard.Understand, why he left ?What are the reasons?This is not the direction of the university in your town?It has options to go to the nearest town, to see more of?Answers to these questions, you will understand, serious your relationship .If the options were, but he chose the more distant - think about it, maybe he just runs away from your relationship?

Are you ready to spend a few years of his youth on waiting?It is also unknown, than end this expectation !He will come back in any case, a different person.After all, there will be new friends and interests.

It's not as sad as it seems at first glance.In this age of computer technology, you can call each other every day.Rewrites online.And even see each other, talking on Skype.And all the favorite holiday will arrive, you will have time to get bored, and your meeting will be filled with love and tenderness .In addition, you can go to learn together!This is the best option!Definitely, you choose!If

favorite - Internet acquaintance

You do not have to always look great.When communicating online, and not seeing the interlocutor, you can afford to put on a bathrobe, pull your hair into a bun and face painting.If you are tired and in no mood to chat, you can disconnect from the network, explaining that then the problems with the internet.But the fact is that to do so not only can you!Who can guarantee that send them a photo he really?And it also may at any time terminate the communication.And then all abyss one day . without explanation.

On the Internet a lot of not very good and inadequate people.They can not reveal to you the true desire to meet the world wide web.And you can get into trouble.A person may not be what it claims to be.We are confident that on the other side of the screen - actually a student or a successful businessman ?!

Of the minuses can be noted even the inability to go somewhere together, or as long as your novel from the virtual does not turn into a real one.But there are also advantages of dating!It's no wonder the Internet a large number of stories about the marriage entered into after the online dating!

With the pace of modern life we ​​do not always have the time to go somewhere to meet a man.A acquaintance on the street is not popular, and simply dangerous.There are shy people who are afraid of failure, but the Internet is much easier.In any case, tighten Internet communication is not necessary.As soon as you feel ready for the real meeting - ask them to meet!

If the favorite is far and can not be next to every free minute, have patience!Once you meet, never to give up!

For whatever reason your relationship did not occur at a distance, patience and mutual feelings!

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