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I love married.

Guys are so many blanks ... But you fell in love with the married.No one else need life converged wedge on it, you will not succumb to any persuasion friends and stubbornly go to his goal - to win his love, or have already won, enjoy your relationship.But here, as in any union of a man and a woman has its «pitfalls."

development of relations with a married man

First, you have everything perfectly. As soon as a spare minute, hour or day your newfound boyfriend is with you, surrounding warmth, affection and care.Of course you like it, you feel that you have never been so close yet with any man.So it can continue for a long time.And then you remember that not the only or even №1 in his life.He "exemplary family man": his wife, two little girl and a big kind dog who love him with all my heart and would not let go anywhere voluntarily.Sooner or later, such a thought surely visit you, and then your inner conflict will begin to develop.

Guilt, shame, pain from what he has another woman, and that

they share a lot, probably even stronger bond than your love.Many in such cases, looking back, begin to "bite your elbows" and try to break off relations. And what if they do not want to interrupt? Seven, of course, also do not want to tear down, but to deprive yourself of your favorite is not in the rules.Try to learn more from him about how he behaves at home.Also, he is considering an option to divorce his wife.If so, when. Do not hesitate and do not be afraid such conversations.This will help you determine how serious your relationship, and how far they can go, what you can expect.

What if he does not want to divorce?

If your favorite rejects the possibility of a divorce of his and your wedding, think about how you would like to have all my life to be the second number, a fallback in someone's life.Understand that if you do not have a serious plan, you will remain forever lover.Will it make it difficult, imagine a bunch gain experience, you will pursue feeling of loneliness when he was not around.In addition, you will constantly imprisoned thoughts that this man will never be your completely.However, not all such thoughts disturbed.There are people who do not care what place they occupy in the life of another.But whether you can be attributed to this category yourself?

options to continue the relationship with a married

And suddenly ...

  • ... the wife finds out about everything? probably for a long time knows well, or guesses.If she live with it, then you have nothing to fear.Also, what is your favorite can leave sooner or later.But, if she decided to resort to action, you somehow have to dot the « i » .Be prepared for the fact that you will have a lot to listen to, endure tantrums and tears, and in the most difficult cases could end in physical abuse.Such "extreme cases" better avoid.Try discuss peacefully. Adult women after all.

  • ... you do not like children? (For those whose cavalier does not hide your relationship).If your man is not just married, but also with the children, then sooner or later you'll have to meet them. What you perceive as a child, not only depends on your behavior , but from what you told him about his mother, how to position your relationship with your father.Yes, and your beloved influence the course of events.Before an appointment, find out what the child is interested in, which is important in his life as he sees your relationship.Learn try as much as possible.But when they met in any case can not be too cute and otherwise deliberately trying to please the child.Most often, this behavior looks silly and puzzling. The easiest way - to behave as naturally as possible. If you do not pass "face control", do not worry.In the end, you will meet with his father, not his child.

Whatever it was, the right to love and good relationship is one.Most importantly, time to understand what you need, what you want and what you can donate.And before you decide something, remember that, as a rule, on someone else's misfortune happiness can not be built.

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