Relationship // He and she

How to recognize the intention of the man?

said in the genes of men laid the desire for procreation.When the girl alone, and around several suitors, the intimacy is not perceived as something forbidden.But everything changes in an instant when the finger wearing the coveted ring!Now intimacy is possible only with her husband, and a betrayal of the public harshly condemned.

How can that be, if the spouse has ceased to appreciate his "soul mate" and someone else has every attention and hints at something more?You may want to appease your heart and listen to the voice of reason?Try to decide for himself who he is - true love, with the arrival of a latecomer, or the usual heartthrob.

methods heartthrob

ü Search «victim» .If you are - more or less pretty girl, married, have a baby, and even two, you can be an ideal candidate for "temporary pleasures."First, married women rarely admit his infidelity publicity.And secondly, having a child requires to maintain his peace of mind and, if possible, to prevent the collapse of the family.And th

irdly, the wife afraid to give her lover, so are not ready to accept expensive gifts.If you still can diminish the value of the spirits, the emergence of a new coat is not explained by the fact that "a friend gave."Therefore, married women can be good save.

ü Attracting attention .If the girl is all right in the family, it can be seen with the naked eye.But even when everything seems to be in the "openwork" in Lovelace has a chance.For starters, you can simply "make friends" with a woman, to find common interests and talk on neutral topics.This behavior has and binds to itself at the same time.

ü Attack compliments .Once passed the stage of "friendship", it's time for the unexpected flow of love confessions and small romantic gift.Even the initial shock ("I thought you were different!") Does not take away from the fair sex smoothie.After all, women are hoping that perhaps still maintain friendship and continue to chat quietly.After a short time, poobvyknuv hail compliments, begins a surge of emotion and compare Lovelace with her husband.Typically, the first win in this unequal "combat."

ü Unexpected cold.After another assurances "I'm not like, I do not change my husband," Lovelace wisely disappear for a short time.In fact, many of the girls to this point already mentally wonder "what if?", But always tried to control myself.When abruptly interrupted this love-heating, hormones start to go off-scale.The former "friend" did not return calls and sms to ignore the Internet and disappears one knows where and by how much.It was then, and there is an understanding of what is already very difficult to live without this romantic attention, declarations of love and intimacy requirements.

ü Game "Va-Bank» .The appearance of a man on the horizon, followed by a recognition that "I feel without you bad" and "thinking of you forget, but I can not."Next comes the pressure and the choice between the complete cessation of all relations or the beginning of love.Rare lady can resist the temptation, when the whole body is burning, aching heart, and the soul asks tenderness.

Yes, there are rare exceptions when mutual love pierces the heart.But think for a minute!Is your marriage was a mistake from the beginning?Is it really impeccable new beau?Or words of love - just an excuse to drag you into bed.Try to take a two-week time out and stay without attention.It is easy to see that it was a love, not love.First, gather the courage to refuse him.If he really loves you, he will understand that even with mutual feelings are not so easy to decide to commit adultery.If not - then the answer is you can learn about a lot of interesting things.Next try 2 weeks not to communicate with him.Try to reduce the probability of the meeting (to shop at other stores, refer to the employment and do not go to visit mutual friends, change the schedule of their joint activities).After a week or two will pass hormonal surge and you are surprised to realize that do the right thing by refusing to intimacy.

Take care of your family!Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish at a glance Lovelace in the crowd.But the aura of female hearts together and his confidence in his own irresistible will you tips.Such a person is difficult to win.And whether or not, if you are near the most native people?Let slagayuschy not so nice thoughts, but those who love you with all my heart sincerely!

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