Relationship // He and she

Happy couple - Marina and Alexander

Tell us where and how did you meet and how many have in common?

Marina: Sasha and I met in 2007 at the changing profile DYUOO "Argon". And together we have 4 years!

how to understand what you want to be together? Why have chosen him (her)?

Marina: That he chose me, and I resigned! Indeed, from the moment we met Sasha at once began to show signs of attention, but I did not reciprocate. A New Year's Eve 31.12.2007, when I packed him a gift,suddenly realized that, too, want to be with him ...

quarreled ever, and you came to the parting?

Marina: Yes, our relationships, like all probably experiencedcrisis. This was a long period from October to May, 2009. Due to lack of time and unwillingness to give up all his hobbies, Sasha completely ceased to pay attention to me. We hardly saw each other.He did not respond to calls, no call back, but at the same time do not let go ... But in April, I still gain strength and left him.

secret of how you put up?

Marina: month passed, and his pa

rents invited me to visit on holiday (I think it was May 9).I have long refused, but his mom convinced me.A lot has happened in that day, and in the end we made it up.What I still incredibly happy!

Have you had a hard time in life and how you overcame them together?

Marina: hardest thing for us - it is a long time not to see ... Now Sasha gives duty to the Motherland in the army.And I'm waiting for him.It is not easy, but warms the idea that very soon we will be together again, and no one and nothing can separate us!

Do you have children, and how the birth of children affected your relationships?

Marina: children we have, and that's about the wedding have thought!

Was there jealousy in a relationship, and if so, how do you cope with it?

Marina: zeal lately - it's a sore subject in our relationship, because, as I said, Sasha is now in the army.He is very worried and jealous of me to everyone and everything.But we're trying to deal with this.

Was there a passion?

Marina: passion was and is until now!Especially now, when we get the chance to see a day or even a couple of hours ...

What is your love?

Marina: Love - this is the best thing in our lives!

Please, give advice to readers.

Marina: If you love a person, you should definitely act to achieve it.It does not matter, you're a guy or a girl.And if you already have a favorite person, you have to appreciate it and cherish!

Especially for - Olga Efremova

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