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How to inspire your man?

When a woman is not going well in a relationship with a man, she often wonders, maybe it's something I'm doing wrong, why other women are happy in relationships and men are glad they are ready to do something, andmy wants nothing, maybe I did not inspire?Sometimes a woman, even having feelings for a man can not find the right approach to it, and she destroys her relationship behavior.So how do you become a great woman and a man to cause the desire to create and act?

How to become a muse for men?

Anyone achieve more, if to believe in themselves, and men are no exception.So do not be lazy to constantly remind your man that he is the best you have.I have a girlfriend Lena, who had been married for several years.Her husband worked as a programmer and get a blank low, but stable salary, but Lena had never believed in his ability, he considered its usual mediocre person.As a result, her husband left her for an ordinary woman with a child in eight years his senior, who saw in it a high potential and i

n every way he cheered.A year later, he was not an ordinary programmer, and became head of the department, has acquired new car and apartment.Here is the simplest example of how different women can change the line of conduct and successful men.

Besides realistic woman always understands that successful businessmen all is not enough for them already so there is a huge place, it is better to work with what you have at the moment.And the tacit approval with the man will not manage.They need to hear compliments in his address, and even better to say them in front of strangers.Nothing motivates a man to great deeds, as the elevation of him before other men, underlining its exceptional qualities.Not necessarily always tell the truth, the trick is that you can hear the praise in his address, the male will try to match the reality.Only openly praise weaknesses should not be - it will be obvious brute force!

take into account the psychology of men

Usually their manipulations woman strives to get the man of action, he has to do for some reason is not going to.A man can perform at the beginning and what is demanded of him, but in the end, he tired to be subject to manipulation, and he did not hasten to fulfill your demands.With men it is necessary to always act in sly.In its request to invest a portion of attention and then the man would not perceive it as a requirement.Women are arranged so that by its nature it is easier to grasp the changes in mood and experiences of the person, so you will not be difficult to guess what bothers the man.Maybe it's a problem at work, conflicts with family members or friends, speak with him.Show me what his problem bothers you, no less than his.And then you can gently insert your request, it will not remain unheard for a man!

We choose what we have - the evil quarrelsome wife, or sensitive loving guardian of the hearth.Woman applying a trick for a man is able to create a kind of relationship which wish!

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