Relationship // He and she

Happy couple - Alexei and Margarita

Tell us where and how did you meet and how many have in common?

Margarita: Lesha Since we have been together for a year and three months.We met at a party, where they were both invited.We will pay attention to each other ... And a couple of days started dating.

how to understand what you want to be together?Why chose him (her)?

Margarita: I conquered his eyes!Extraordinarily beautiful green eyes ... and he immediately struck me as a serious beyond his years.It is captivating.

quarreled ever, and you came to the parting?

Margarita: quarreled!Like all.And quite often, but always because of the little things.Serious "stocks" or his or my part was not, and I hope that will not happen.

secret of how you put up?

Margarita: there is no secret.You just have to not be afraid to take the first step towards reconciliation.Pride generally kills relationships.

Have you had a hard time in life and how you overcame them together?

Margarita: Hard times ... Especially hard is when we se

e each other a long time ... But the meeting, a date puts everything in its place!

Do you have children, and how the birth of children affected your relationships?

Margarita: No, for children not yet time.

Was there jealousy in a relationship, and if so, how do you cope with it?

Margarita: Jealousy - a mandatory component of any relationship.And it is in our relationship, of course, present.But we do not give each other a serious cause for jealousy.

Was there a passion?

Margarita: Without passion, like no jealousy, there is no full-fledged relations.Of course, we love the place to be!

What is your love?

Margarita: We Love is not something zamudrennoe and pathetic ... This is a set of mutual attraction, trust, caring, interests ... of everything together.

Please, give advice to readers.

Margarita: Council ... It sounds corny, but love is like oxygen.Without it there is no life.Love and be loved will!

Especially for - Olga Efremova