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The woman behind the wheel: Dispelling the Myths

Today it is no surprise the woman behind the wheel, but for some reason the man did not want to recognize the fact that a woman - a full-fledged driver on the road.Which only insulting words poor girls are not called, although there is a proven fact that women drive less aggressively than men, and, consequently, the risk of an accident is reduced.So after all, the woman behind the wheel - a threat to delayed action or a common phenomenon?

Myths about women driving

They buy the rights

strange statement: Rights can buy exactly the same, and a man - is in principle independent from the floor.And the fact that now the driving schools are overcrowded women puts into question all of the purchase rights.By the way, many foreign car clubs arrange races involving women, in 2007, France organizes international mileage retro-cars, where some participants were women.And this is not the only case of female racing tournaments, which means endurance and professional women on the road.

woman behind the wheel is not as concentrated as the man

Male motorists argue that constantly see how women are painted behind the wheel, do not look in the rearview mirror, looks at the advertising signs, smiling to passingby men, in general, demonstrate a complete distraction and relaxation on the road.

Psychologists say that women are naturally more emotional and in a critical situation on the road that can only worsen the situation.Also, women are often unsure of their abilities, pre-configured for your bad driving.Because of this, often errors occur on the roads, as the woman is afraid to take some action behind the wheel.A woman is dangerous to ride behind the wheel for long distances, unlike men who can maintain concentration on a long road.During the summer, increasing women's activity in the way that psychologists explain the special female sensitivity to the rhythms of nature.Also, women are more likely to fall into depression and weight problems themselves, which in turn could adversely affect its condition at the wheel.

But not all so sad at avtolyubitelnits there are positive qualities, women are more sensitive to the traffic situation, and fast men will notice a road sign, a traffic light or sign.Women have always held the right lane, do not unreasonably move to another lane, do not forget to include a turn indicator is not lihachat generally quieter ride and more accurately.Among women, very few of those who likes to arrange road races, mostly they go on the principle - "slow steady wins the race."The most valuable quality of a woman on the road - a maternal instinct, a mother with a child in the car most careful driver in the world.

Most accidents occur involving women

totally unfounded statement: fewer women abuse alcohol, therefore, rarely sit behind the wheel tipsy.Statistics show that of the 250 accidents, only one happens through the fault of the woman driver and only 3% of the accidents on the roads of the woman is blamed for fatalities.Women are afraid to drive in bad weather, as well as implanting itself in the car travel, that howl all also reduces the risk of a dangerous situation on the road.

Woman driver has a more compassionate qualities than men go.In some European countries, conducted an experiment on the road played a terrible accident.From drove a hundred and forty men drove past at the same speed, even forty-driven, slow down and immediately left for the other 20 we stopped to watch, and only 4 of them have called for an ambulance.During the entire experiment passed 5 women, 4 of them stopped and called for help.

All vehicles are designed for men

Every machine is universal and no company cars developed specifically for women, just with some big heavy machines woman may feel uncomfortable to drive and chooses a car,primarily by their appearance, and then on a set of technical specifications.There is a connection between the machines and the nature of women.Large cars prefer girls who want to improve their status in the eyes of others.Also, a lot can tell the color of the car:

  • Red - indicates a bright nature of strong character, its owner likes to be the center of attention
  • Orange - indicates an increased sexual energy master
  • Yellow - such people are quite positive, but notoff pokomandovat other
  • Pale green - the owners of such cars like the warmth and tranquility
  • Dark green - says the owner a lot of hidden feelings and desires
  • Blue - the color prefer sociable and friendly people
  • Blue choose the spiritual andintelligent people
  • Violet creative love of nature with a well-developed intuition
  • White - it is usually preferred by people sprayed directly on a lot of things
  • Black and gray - the owners of these cars do not like to stand out on the road, but always keep the situation under control.

Selecting a car from a woman very similar to the selection of men she wants her car was outwardly beautiful, but on the road safe and reliable.The appearance and internal filling can tell a lot about its owner.

Every year the number of women on the road only increases.Accidents on the roads does not depend on who is behind the wheel - a man or a woman, and from the driver's concentration and attentiveness, so be extremely careful while driving!

Especially for LadySpecial - Natella