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Both men understand love?

sometimes function in the house of a man performing female: works for two, feeding the family, takes on full parenting.And the man at this time just watching TV, and he did not want to.It's a shame, but the question is - why this happens?Maybe just because a man can not see the man, and he feels that nobody wants?

Is it love?

Put yourself in his place.The woman makes herself, and does not ask for help - it means she does not need it.And if he suddenly begins to interfere in the process, did not hear very inspirational speech: "Leave it, I'll do it myself, but then again anything spoil.I myself I go to the store, you do not know how to choose foods.At the parents' meeting I go, you still do not remember, and even nonsense breccia ".Is it love?Is this a happy family?As a man in such circumstances to take the initiative, because he feels the uselessness?And he had no choice but to sit at the TV and do nothing.

As a man understand love?

For Men love - is, first of all, trust. When you trust him, you recognize his power .You seemed to be saying: "I believe you, I believe in you, I give you the right to make decisions and to act."Remember that the power of a woman - in her weakness.A man does not feel loved with a woman who is in control and decide for everyone.But he feels it necessary, as air, that which says to him: "Defend me, care about me, take care of, because I need it."When we trust men, they begin to be transformed: from a timid and uncertain grip become active and make the impossible, because the inspired and most importantly - loved.

man can take only the responsibility that he is given

give the man responsible is not very easy, especially when you're used to dispose of all herself.But if you do not give it at least a part, he could not take it.It is important to control the stop.If you're used to choose the products itself, but it never trust this choice, how can he learn?Only in practice, the result is achieved.Do not be picky, do not flaunt what you know about the best, but simple trust a man to buy food for a month.You do see how it gradually by trial and error to learn to buy everything you need: a couple of times eat yogurt expired and start reading labels.Once you and the council will ask what is best to choose.Imagine how much time you have available for myself, and heavy bags do not have to wear it.After all, you are not meant for heavy loads, and for the care and affection.

praise and notice all of his accomplishments!

important to show the man that everything he does, he turns out great.After all, you yourself love, when you are praised.Here you praise, do not skimp on the good words, Bolster man and give him a fresh energy and cheerfulness. male psychology likes to specifics, so your man is much more pleasant when he is praised not for abstract things, and for specific actions .Emphasizes just that.Tell him: "How do you deftly fix my hair!What delicious peaches you buy!You are so well organized celebration for our children! ".These words are for him more important than, "You're so sweet!Are you caring!You're good.That is so arranged male nature.

Some errors

It turns out that we all pull on their fragile shoulders of women - often our own fault.From childhood, we are taught: the only hope, no trust, no one is better not to do it.And now, our men can not feel strong and loved ones, because we do not trust them fend for themselves.Think about how you bring up your child (or become educate him when he appears): it will tie the laces before the tenth class and do homework for him or still teach independence and responsibility?

doing all the work alone, you deprive a man of his vital energy, initiative and opportunities for self-actualization.Such a man eventually forget how to turn the washing machine, and where there is a school for your children.And just find a someone on the side, because I want to be loved. not deprive him of love, give him the opportunity to feel needed, entrust it to reliable and hug, then he will grow wings.Because now there is for someone to live and do great things!And you feel like a woman, wanted, loved and protected.

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