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Influence of stereotypes on our lives

In this article, we will declare war on stereotypes!All people living in the community and therefore subject to different attitudes and stereotypes.On the one hand the stereotypes, of course, play a positive role and protect us from the bad things, and on the other they poured us a gray mass crowds and deprived of freedom of choice and personal opinion.Let's consider the basic stereotypes that have plagued women.

marry before 25 years

in childhood every girl wants to get married as soon as possible, put on a white dress and a ring on her finger.But as she grows up, he realizes that she so much to get done, so that the marriage can wait.And here begins the public pressure mothers to grandmothers are constantly reminded that you will stay like this, then no one will need, in the press and on television exaggerate the subject of late complications in childbirth, and friends are beginning slowly to marry, to arrange their women's happiness.Here involuntarily thought, and I do everything right?Th

e woman begins to prevail against the fear that if she did not hurry with the marriage, it will remain on the shelf.When you get under the influence of this stereotype, it begins to spend all their free energy in search of her husband and to consider even the most overlooked candidates.But is it really important to have time to get married before 25?Do not do it if you yourself are not ready for this, but is susceptible to social influence.Maybe for you in the first place now is working and creative self-realization, you are not ready to run the household, but rather will be dancing all night at the club, the more you are not ready to have children, and in some ways to limit yourself.After reaching a mature age, you will gain experience, a good job and position in society and she want to twist family nest, and yet nowhere in a hurry.

Or maybe you are a long time in a relationship with a man, but he is in no hurry to make your marriage proposal?In this case, the woman overcomes the fear that the relationship with this man will not develop, and it will remain one has a decent age.If this reasoning, it is possible to get married at a young age and in a few decades to get a divorce.Registration of marriage does not affect fundamentally on a relationship, if you feel good with a person, the marriage only officially confirm it, and if your relationship was given a crack, then no marriage will not help.

young marriage

back of the first stereotype - too early marriage.Sometimes, first love is so strong that the young lose their heads from the senses, constantly want to be around so quickly rush to legalize their relationship.Parents and others do not approve of such marriages because in their understanding of the young even frivolous, emotional and irresponsible children for whom child care is needed.Besides, what kind of marriage can there be when, in the opinion of parents must first learn, find work, and only then think about the family.But no one can say with certainty that such a marriage does not work out, early pairs often turn happy and strong families.If your relationship with the young man been tested for strength, you have lived together for a while, and you are completely sure of your partner, then why not try a new role - as a wife!

in romantic relationships should be

has long romantic attributes become an indicator of man's love for a girl.A man must give flowers, gifts and arrange surprises, and if it does not, then why such a man - says the girl.Do you really think all this is proof of love?

Nastoyaschayalyubov read in the eyes and not a single flower is not express, but if you look around and see what other girls give flowers, and you're not, then it does not mean that they are happier than you love.Or perhaps you yourself are not a fan of romance, but as always say that girls romantic person, then you demand from your favorite be more romantic.It may already be enough to adjust their relationship under a certain size, and begin to live the way you want.Este and you are completely sure


Many dream to live in another city, to find another job, to meet the perfect man.But his real life they believe only good preparation for another life and not realizing that life passes.To get rid of the need to begin to live here and now and create your life from the fact that you provided at the moment.Not the fact that he moved to another location, you have everything goes fine, or finding the perfect man, you're in love with him without memory.We often dump their failures on the circumstances and at the same time are afraid to admit that at some moment just for yourself throw up their hands, but it was necessary to show a little patience and perseverance.Increase your confidence, achieving small goals at first and then move on to an ambitious plan.In case of failure do constructive conclusions, rather than engage samoedstvom.

be a wrong

you look with envy at his friends and lovers do not remember when you had a real mutual relationship?Do not take loneliness as karma, it does have its advantages.Being in the free search, you can devote more time his beloved - find a hobby, exercise and cultivate their own, or flirt with the male sex, which is already in a relationship will not permissible.In general, do whatever you want, just do not revel in their own solitude, she did not notice how soon you will be a bunch of fans.

Do not be afraid to go against public opinion.Only you know how to be happy, so do not stop at nothing in the way to happiness!

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