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Seduction with the help of NLP

What is NLP?It stands as an abbreviation for neuro-linguistic programming, and it is used to manipulate the human mind. main tool - a word that can be used to load the interlocutor in the desired state, and then to "inspire" him what you want.Perhaps someone this technique to seduce men a bit shocking, but after the object of attention for sure will not remain indifferent and will seek a new meeting .

be meeting with a man who is terribly like and do not know how to lead him to leave an impression?To start think over where you will meet.This should be a place with a nice cozy atmosphere that you will not distracted, and you can focus on each other.Suitable quiet café or park, or an apartment for you with a neutral territory.Nothing must annoy a man, he must relax in your presence.Now you need to perform the following steps cunning, type of courage and realize his plan.


starts talking about how much bad in you and you are not worthy of the attention of such a wonderful person like him.Rem

ember, you do wrong with it, even if this was not, or you do not arrive, come up with some of the fines and Section her guilt.Your interlocutor will see how beautiful you are, and you will begin to prove the opposite.This is the first step on the road to success.Tell me about how you do not love your positive qualities and they are not considered as such.For example, do you think that often helps people to think and duty of all the normal people to help each other, but you infuriating when someone can help another by some trifle.And then he added that it is the right of everyone to help people or not, and not your business to judge them.

Praise his shortcomings

Then during the conversation gently Praise man, turning his lack of dignity.For example, you see that before you sits a frank womanizer, not differing severity.Tell him that you know he had a lot of women, but he goes through them not because of passion, but because he has not yet met the woman from whom he would have blown away: "You all think windy, but in factyou're just looking for your ideal. "

copies it

now try to adjust to him, copy his voice, style of communication, and even gestures.Of course, it should not look like you're in the competition parody, this should be done gently and unobtrusively.To start accept the same position as him and try to speak with the same intonation and rate of speech, and then you can move on to repeat his gestures and manners.In order not to experience a sense of unease at copying other people's manners, practice beforehand.The most obvious example of gating to each other - a couple in love, they get it so naturally, because they are on the same wavelength.So you need to catch the wave of the interlocutor, to feel his condition.See that with a rate of speech and expressiveness they talk and answer him in the same spirit.But do not let blunders, such as copying too overt gestures: crossed legs can be replaced with crossed arms on his chest for a man of nothing guess you can not copy and speech deficiencies - otherwise he'll think you're just making fun of him.

Talk about ex-relationships

When you establish a trusting contact, head of the subject of the former relationship.You can very briefly tell you about my ex-partner, then ask about his past love affairs.Only asked to tell a good and happy moments that connect it with the former love.Ask why he chose this girl, what qualities he liked it, you should raise it up in his memory all the good that linked him to the object of love.Now, you must redirect these warm memories for myself.To do this, imagine himself to his ex-girlfriend and start talking as if on its behalf, for example: "It certainly was not crazy about your beautiful blue eyes."Well, now is the time to enter your object to the state of light trance, for example, to pour him some alcohol, dancing a slow dance with him or make a relaxing massage.You do notice when it will be more disposed to you, and if at the beginning you adjust to his behavior, but now he will unconsciously copy you.You can check it out if a change of posture or tone, it will also imitate you.

When a man so weak control of his eyelids become heavy and slightly hooded eyes will not stop and continue to say, if you're his ex-girlfriend.Tell him compliments or just nice words in the face of the former, but do not forget to mention how he reacted to it, for example, say that he would have liked her massage.Well, now look at the reaction of the partner, if you feel that he has reached the desired state can move on to more intimate contact - gently touch the his hand, firmly press a little more to it, if he accepts your affection, then you can go furtherand if he pulls away from you, then pause and continue the conversation.

Here, of course it all depends on what goal you are persecuting this man.If you want him just intimacy, it easily you can achieve by entering into a state of trance.And if you want a long time to crash into his memory and make people think about you every waking minute, then wait with intimacy.Just Interrupt your contact with them without any explanation, and say that it is very much in a hurry.The effect will not be slow in coming.The whole secret is that by means of a light trance feelings for his ex-partner a man brings to you.

This is a technique for the brave women who do not like to obey the patterns and stereotypes in the seduction!

Especially for - Natella

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