Relationship // He and she

Happy couple - Jura and Susanna

son Leon animatedly plays with dad Yuri, fun commenting on everything that happens.Together, they come up every five minutes some incredible adventure.They are already in a hurry to draw in a fun and mother Susanna, but she will join them later, when finished cooking a delicious tea and their branded sweets ... When Watch this trio, it seems that the whole world is not, and simply can not be anything wrong,sad or scary.In their home always sounds joyous laughter, and the atmosphere is saturated with love and happiness!

Tell us where and how did you meet?

Susanna : funny happened: we once went to a movie in a movie, and there noticed each other.But we learned much later, after one very common friend, she is at home.

How have you been together?

Susanna : We met in 2006 and began dating in 2007.More precisely, we immediately began to live together.A married spustya7-8 months.In general, we have been together for 5 years.

how to understand what you want to be together?Why did you choose

this person?What was the key?

Susanna : Honestly, there was no key moments and thoughts like "why?", "Is it a he?" Even the question is why is not there.We just listened to my heart!Well, now, over time, sober, so to speak, I can not find an explanation.Yura I get bored, I am by nature a very silent man, all in his silent world (especially in the early years this was).And then there is the irrepressible incessant Jura permanently any surprises, trips to interesting new people ... Thanks to him, I have more friends than it could be.And he is a very good father.Even if I have reason to leave, to escape, to give up, I will probably not be able to deny this Pope Leon!

quarreled Have you ever, and there came to the parting?

Susanna : Of course, we fought!And periodically we quarrel so far, but we quarrel with each better and better know each other, gain experience.I do not know whether you can call the parting week ... I was at the very beginning of such an unpleasant time to think about where I will not continue.

As you reconciled?What is the secret of success of reconciliation?

Susanna : Now we already are watching the different little things, some funny moment, and most of all - Leon!It occurs as a matter of.And in the early years of the Jura put up as if I really take offense, the ever-eternal (although I believe it is a very poor quality) ...

as the appearance of a son affected your relationships?

Susanna : time devoted to each other, maybe fewer, but we became more!You can cuddle with her husband, and then cuddle with her son, and then -poobnimatsya all three of us!And I, of course, I'm sure that children strengthen relationships!And who do not strengthen those - the fools!(Laughs)

Have you had a hard time in life and how you overcame them together?

Susanna : Were were ... to overcome not only together, but with the help of friends and relatives.And if we quarreled in these difficult times, that without the support of loved ones can not do.To overcome the problem, we must want to overcome them!

This allows you to save the relationship so far?

Susanna : Love!And yet the son, the duties, the desire to be together, so that the family until the end of days!However, good, warm, fun !!

Was there jealousy in your relationship, and if so, how do you cope with it?

Susanna : Well, as without it?Frankly, it is difficult to cope with jealousy and me and Yura.Therefore, to cope with her time!A time to help manage fatigue quarrels and survival instinct nerves or something ... (Smiles)

Was there a passion?And whether it is still in your relationship?

Susanna : Oh, yes!Of course, it took place!And I had again had!Now she only breaks from time to time.Make themselves felt tired different, you know ...

did you love?

Susanna : It's kind of a stupid, kind of like you're losing your head, poddaёshsya temptation, but do not stop to think.To understand how to be together for life, how to get through all these difficulties, how to really know the man with whom you need to communicate in his notes, half to become like him.Love - is the ability to forgive and forget the bad, annoying.Love - it is different, I would say being.And how well that for him there is no exact definition!To love, you have to be strong, smart and healthy ... (thinks) No, it is necessary to save the love!

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