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Happy couple - Sergei and Anna

The couple still - like a fairy tale: no matter what happens around them just to "live happily ever after, but good ever after."Because they have each other, they love each other - and this is the most important thing!

Tell us where and how did you meet?

Sergei : We met on the beach in the summer, thanks to a common friend Valera.

Anna : I remember very well the day when our mutual friend introduced me to this fair-haired boy with blue eyes!It was June 25, 2009.I only managed to finish school as soon as I started a new life.

How have you been together?

Sergei : We have been together for 2.5 years, including 2 years of living under the same roof.

Anna : Maybe it's not too long, I just still somehow think that we just met yesterday.

how to understand what you want to be together?

Sergei : When I met Anya, it's probably the first such key moment was her honesty and openness, a desire to always go forward.That made me really hooked.Well, the more I learned it then, the more it reveal

ed to me such "moments" and everyone was a key!

Anna : I probably just fell in love.Sergei - the best person in the world!I'm glad I met him.The key point was, what our feelings was mutual.Sergei - caring, loving, ambitious, interesting, beautiful, intelligent and reliable man, he always comes to the rescue, but still he does not throw words to the wind, and always does what he has promised!With it would be desirable to go hand in hand throughout life.

quarreled ever, and you came to the parting?

Anna : We never quarrel.There are misunderstandings on some issues, but we try to talk and settle everything.

Sergei : Sometimes we fight over nothing, when someone does not comply with one golden rule ... (smiles and looks at Anya)

What's the rule?

Sergei : When my husband is angry, it is best not to touch !!!Let cool, then it must be a couple of kilos of oranges to flavor and mashed potatoes to "hamster came to his senses and calmed down"!(Laughs)

Do you have some sort of family secret reconciliation?

Anna : Probably the method of reconciliation is that our pair of person who is wrong, always trying to make amends warm words or snacks.

Have you had a hard time in life and how you overcame them together?

Sergei : It is difficult to answer this question.This is probably because the concept of "hard times" - a rather loose.To what extent is hard to everyone from time to time ... I think that you can handle, having gone on vacation together.On the sea, for example.Or anywhere - if only out of the house, where accumulated some problems.We just try to find as many vivid impressions.

This allows you to save the relationship so far?

Sergei : joint plans for the future, the desire to be there together!

Anna : love, mutual understanding, the desire to always be together, to create something in common, succeed and be happy - that's what preserves and even strengthens our relationship.

Was there jealousy in a relationship, and if so, how do you cope with it?

Sergei : Jealousy is not, and was not, because the reason we did not give each other for jealousy.If you give a reason often given - it is not love to be, I think.

Anna : If we are jealous of each other, it is only a joke.I think jealousy - the first sign of distrust, so our relationship is not it!

Was there a passion?And whether it is still in your relationship?

Sergei : Yes, we are very passionate!

Anna : Yes, passion in our relationship is maintained all the time.I think it reinforces our shared interests and goals, an immense respect, understanding, devotion.A more terrible affection!We simply can not be separated or separately, "like Siamese twins" - it's about us.

What is your love?

Sergei : Love - is when you appreciate a loved one because he was there and did not want to lose, and you can go to a meeting and give something, seeing the same attitude.

Anna : Love - it's probably the most great concept in the world.Love - it's an endless list of feelings that you experience.This is when you feel its closest and even native-minded person.

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